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The American people defeated the illegal alien amnesty bill. Just as important for our sovereignty and general welfare is to not allow our citizens to become taxed and controlled by foreigners far and away beyond the laws of our Constitution. We need to now, along with everything else, defeat L.O.S.T.


Where is that petition to impeach?

Wake up America.


Wake up America and consider our rights for self-government that we have struggled and sacrificed for. Stop drinking the stuff in your water, clear the fog out of you head and tell your Senators and Congressmen what we expect them to stand for and against. The line ought to be in the sand.

Ron Paul - Getting Iraq War Funding Wrong Again

What is the best way forward in Iraq? Where do we go from here? First, Congress should admit its mistake in unconstitutionally transferring war power to the president and in citing United Nations resolutions as justification for war against Iraq. We should never go to war because another nation has violated a United Nations resolution. Then we should repeal the authority given to the president in 2002 and disavow presidential discretion in starting wars. Then we should start bringing our troops home in the safest manner possible.

Full article here:

Ron Paul - More Funding for the War in Iraq

Once again Congress wants to have it both ways. Back in 2002, Congress passed the authorization for the president to attack Iraq if and when he saw fit. By ignoring the Constitution, which clearly requires a declaration of war, Congress could wash its hands of responsibility after the war began going badly by citing the ambiguity of its authorization. This time, House leaders want to appear to be opposing the war by including problematic benchmarks, but they include language to allow the president to waive these if he sees fit.

Full article here:

Action - Rally Against United Nations Leader Kofi Annan - Dec 11

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Are you tired of the UN interfering in US affairs?

Here's your chance to say so!! Join us at 11am at the Truman Library. Bring a sign with a message for Mr. Annan and his cronies in crime.

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, will be giving his farewell address on Global Government & the Role of the United States at:

The Truman Library
500 W US Hwy 24
Independence, MO

on Monday, Dec. 11, 2006, at 11:30am.

We're so lucky!! He chose the Truman Library out of respect to the memory of Harry's help in establishing the UN at the end of WWII (another of those wars to end all wars). Harry was also a 33rd degree Mason. Also check out www.MidWestConcernedCitizens.org.

Topic: Sustainable Development and Agenda 21: Soviet Rule of America

The synthesis of the Hegelian dialectic between "Sustainable Development" and "Public/Private Partnerships" is the United Nations' Agenda 21 [Videos].

Collectivism is the suppression of individuality by the State.

Communism seeks "Equity." Fascism promotes "Economy." Sustainable Development enshrines the "Environment." These three goals are combined in Agenda 21 to form a world-wide tyranny.

The American Policy Center has some videos on the details of Agenda 21, how they are already turning America into a soviet bureaucracy, and the tyranny they promise for our immediate future.

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[America Destroyed by Design Video]


Welcome Home!

Many corporate, national, and international groups are taking away our rights and freedoms for their own profit. They succeed in their goals to establish global fascist feudalism primarily by dividing us, pitting each of us against our neighbors, and by trapping us in vices that put our own passions at odds with our better judgement, keeping us from uniting for our common cause of protecting our freedoms from greedy, selfish tyrants.

Take a moment to look up and see the forces that are manipulating us for their own purposes. Please, Join Us in Reform. Click to sign up!

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