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The Sine Qua Non of Enduring Freedom

I'm aware of three candidates running for District 67 of the Kansas House. All three profess the Christian faith. Upon what basis will the candidates practice their faith if elected?

Is the fair tax at www.fairtax.org the salvation of America?

Our economic crisis is our nation's most pressing issue. Economic policies are causing the falling value of dollar and loss of USA independence. Foreign trade is good only to the degree it does not hurt the factories our national security may depend on and does not promote profits by exploiting substandard conditions of labor and the environment.

Through The American Patriot Project

The American Patriot Project involves the creation of a web site with pages as at http://www.americanpatriotproject.com/Project.html and the handing out of hundreds of letters to homes in good neighborhoods advocating celebration and support for our United States Constitution.

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