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In 1963 the USA was #1 in education, health, industry, standard of living, the biggest creditor nation in the World, with a trade surplus of several billion dollars. Now we are #20-40 in education, #37 in health, #6 in industry, destruction of the Middle Class, the biggest debtor nation in the world, and billions in trade deficits.

Today the USA's National debt of $8.5 trillion with other obligations of over $50 trillion. We have an annual budget of $3.5 trillion, and then borrow hundreds of billions of dollars as annual budget deficit added to the National Debt. The USA has a Trade Deficit of $800 billion a year thanks to NAFTA, WTO, and all so-called “Free Trade” Agreements passed by the US Congress and President to export millions of good jobs that benefit only large campaign contributing Multi-national Corporations in search of “cheap labor” at any cost, destroying our tax-base.

When you find yourself in a deep hole the first thing you have to do is: “STOP DIGGING!”

Economists calculate we lose 20,000 jobs for every billion dollars in trade deficit: 20,000 X 800 = 16,000,000 jobs. Service jobs cutting each others' lawns and flipping burgers while Congress votes to increase salaries by thousands of dollars adds insult to injury.
A successful nation must have a sound dollar and economy, rule of law, and protection of personal and property rights. Success is based on a 3-legged stool - Agriculture, Mining, and Manufacturing. This assures the “value-added” jobs that made the U.S. the greatest economy the World has ever seen.

Moral - If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

Good salaries circulate through the economy of a town several times: stores, banks, etc.

Joy Holt - Reform Candidate for U.S. Congress, 4th District, Kansas

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In 1992, she worked on the Ross Perot for President Petition Drive and Perot's campaign as an Independent Presidential Candidate.

From 1993 to 1996, she was a volunteer in United We Stand America (UWSA), a popular non-partisan political activist group that was started by Ross Perot after the 1992 election. UWSA worked to convince Congress to stop their yearly deficit spending and to reduce the total national debt (over $4 trillion in 1993; now over $8.5 trillion in 2006). UWSA also tried to defeat the promoters of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and all "Free Trade", who have stolen U.S. jobs, eroded the tax-base, and have nearly destroyed our nation's sovereignty.

The loss of good jobs due to "Free Trade" can be estimated by the dramatic increase in our yearly Trade Deficit. In 1993, the U.S. Trade Deficit was under $100 billion per year. In 2006, the U.S. Trade Deficit is exceeding $800 billion dollars per year. Economists estimate job loss at 20,000 jobs for each billion dollars in trade deficit. 20,000 X 800 is 16,000,000 jobs. After World War II the U.S. produced over 90% of its goods, and in 2006 we produce about 20% of our goods. The U.S. is rapidly losing the "value-added" jobs necessary to be a great nation, based on Mining, Manufacturing, and Agriculture. Small farms are being destroyed by a policy of exporting one third of U.S. produce and importing one third of the meat, grain, fruit, etc. we consume, "dumped" at cut-throat prices by multi-national Agri-Business and usually uninspected.

In 1996, she helped collect petitions to get ballot access for the Reform Party of Kansas, and she has been active in the Party ever since.

In the 1990s, following the suggestion of Chuck Harder, a radio talk show host in Florida, Joy also helped found the Concerned Citizens of the Heartland, a group that discusses issues and aims to educate citizens about legislative actions in the U.S. Congress, Kansas Legislature, and Local Government.

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