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So Whats so different about us REFORM people...

For far too long, those who have been fortunate enough to find themselves with the responsibility of being our representatives have often times grown accustomed to their appointments and often times have found that it is far better for themselves to keep a low profile and support positions that, unfortunately, ignore pressing issues of concern. As a Kansan and an American I have noticed many developments that are occuring all around us that are troubling both on a State wide and a National level. One of the true joy's in my life is my hobby as a journalist. For many years it has been my goal in life to expose problems and offer solutions. I believe that a wise thing to do is to interview people who have had success with various problems and then listen to those who have "been there and done that" .
I believe this process has been circumvented for a long time by a motivation to retain office at any cost. I want to break that mold.

Jason Littlejohn - Candidate for KS State Representative, 45th District

Jason Littlejohn for KS House District 45 : Reform for Government and Relief for Kansans!

I am completely, 100% pro-life, and I am against embryonic stem-cell research. I do support adult stem-cell research, since it doesn't destroy human life, and it has shown some good results.

I am running as an independent, just like so many others out there, like Lieberman for example, because I believe that both major parties are not going to fix the problems in our nation or our State that need to be fixed.

  • I see a nation that needs to bring its jobs back, but doing so means overturning the WTO.
  • I see a nation that needs to stop Illegal Immigration, and that means taking away the incentive for cheap labor by enforcing the laws making it illegal to employ illegal aliens.
  • I see a nation that is really failing its children by removing the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit. Why shouldn't we allow parents the option of sending their children to school's in line with their beliefs by giving parents back their own tax money to make it happen (the hypocrites in D.C. almost exclusively send their children to private schools).
  • I see a nation that is being raped by the oil barons while our elected officials avoid even the discussion of using our own domestic oil that would save us hundreds of billions of dollars (just go to a search engine and type in GULL ISLAND).
  • I see a nation that is not being told the truth, and if I can get in there, I will make every attempt to increase the volume on issues that matter.
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