Chuck Baldwin - My Interview With Ron Paul Now Online

I am pleased to announce that my radio interview with Congressman Ron Paul is now online. As most readers know, Dr. Paul is a Republican candidate for President. He is an Air Force veteran, a ten-term congressman from Texas, and a medical doctor.

During the course of the interview, I asked Congressman Paul about his positions on a variety of issues that are critical to the future of our country, including abortion, homosexual marriage, illegal immigration, gun control, the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, and more.

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Chuck Baldwin - Our Christian Duty

I recently delivered an address to the people of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida entitled, Our Christian Duty.

For sure, "duty" is a much under-appreciated word among this irresponsible, avant-garde generation. Fortunately, this has not always been the case.

America's history is replete with the stories of brave and selfless men and women who were willing to do their duty, regardless of personal cost or sacrifice. Without them, this country, and the prosperity we have enjoyed, would never have existed.

Great American patriots from George Washington to Douglas MacArthur have paid eloquent tribute to the virtue and dignity of doing one's duty. In fact, it is no hyperbole to say that the difference between mediocrity and greatness is the attention, or lack thereof, to doing one's duty.

In my address, I noted the duty that we Christians have to God, our families, and our country.

Our duty to God is summarized in the Great Commandment, which is to love the Lord our God will all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. As Christian men, our duty to our families is to provide our children with firm, loving discipline. And our duty to America is eternal vigilance, that we might preserve the historic principles that birthed this free land.

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Topic: Chuck Harder: Witness to the Success of the American Dream and its Engineered Demise

The following was taken from Chuck Harder's Biography Page:

"Chuck Harder began his radio career during high-school as a teen-age disc-jockey at WRMN, Elgin, Illinois and other local stations. Later he moved to Chicago at Gorden McLendon's famous WYNR 1390 AM top-40 outlet, then moved into national radio and TV production. Later in 1979 Chuck started in talk-radio at WPLP and WNSI in Tampa Bay, Florida and then moved to WFLA, Tampa then WMCA, New York and NBC Talknet.

"Most of Harder's shows contained calls from consumers relating to financial problems or trouble with products, government bureaus, and so forth. Soon Chuck became disillusioned with what he called the "velvet hammer" of corporate-media program directors that advised as to what were "taboo topics." Determined to tell listeners what he found to be accurate, Chuck soon turned to syndicating his broadcast nationwide by satellite under the umbrella of a non-profit organization. Chuck and wife Dianne then loaned their life-savings to start Peoples Network, Inc. and built the first studios in their Tampa garage, later buying an old hotel in White Springs with down-payment and original fix-up funds loaned by the Harder's from personal savings.

"His guests have included Ross Perot, James Earl Jones, Pat Buchanan, Representative Marcy Kaptur, Sir James Goldsmith, Hal Lindsey, William Greider, Ralph Nader, Gerry Spence, Father Malachi Martin, Alveda King, and many hundreds of others over 8,580 hours of national broadcasts.

"Chuck's show is on nationally via four satellite channels from 2-4 PM Eastern and syndicated jointly by Talk Star Radio Network and PNI."

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Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - For Pro-Life and Limited Federal Government

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I am a strong advocate for states rights and limited federal government. I support legislation that will prevent federal judges from interferring with state laws dealing in areas that are not powers specifically given to the federal government by our United States Constitution and should be left up to the states as stated by the Constitution's Tenth Amendment.

As such, I support (H.R. 5739) the We the People Act. This legislation has been recently introduced in Congress by Representative Ron Paul with at least 5 cosponsors. The stated purpose of this legislation is to "limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, in certain cases."

Congressmen Ron Paul says, "Congress has the authority under Articles I, III and IV of the Constitution of the Untied States to set limits on the Supreme Court and lower federal courts in order to correct abuses of judicial power and continuing violations of the Constitution by federal courts."

Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - Retake Your State and Country - Vote Reform!

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Many Kansas voters have been disappointed by the choices they have had on the ballot, and they have chosen to be counted among those who do not vote at all. The Reform Party of Kansas has real Kansans on the ballot who are not running to please corporations or special interests but rather to serve the needs of Kansas families and small businesses.

I'm Joseph Martin, running for Secretary of State. I will demand honest, verifiable elections with real, countable ballots. I will work to make sure only legal Kansas residents can register to vote. I will reduce costs in the Secretary of State's office in order to lower the fees paid by Kansas businesses as much as possible.

Kansas voters, show the career politicians that you are ready to retake your state and country. Vote Reform! Vote for Joseph Martin for Secretary of State and for our other Reform Party of Kansas candidates on the ballot.

Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - We Voters Must Demand a Verifiable Voting System

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Coordinated vote fraud is a great danger to our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. As a responsible electorate, fully aware of human nature and weakness (and avarice), we know that election officials might be tempted to skew the counting of our votes: well placed bribes and threats can be very hard to resist.

We must demand an election process that makes large-scale vote fraud by officials difficult to commit and easy to detect by voters, thus safeguarding the democratic process of electing our public representatives as well as protecting the election officials from coercion.

Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - Don't Waste Your Vote on Career Politicians - Vote Reform!

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Many voters are not happy with the erosion of our Constitutionally protected rights. The political power in Kansas and in Washington, D.C., has been shared almost exclusively by Republicans and Democrats, many of whom receive substantial contributions from the lobbyists of major corporations while ignoring the urgent needs of their constituents.

Don't waste your vote on career politicians that benefit personally from serving international corporations. Vote Reform! Vote for Joseph Martin for Secretary of State and for our other Reform Party of Kansas candidates on the ballot.

Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - Why Reward Politicians that are Destroying America?

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Why are we losing thousands of good paying factory jobs to the competition of foreign factories that employ workers who traditionally have never experienced the right to bargain for a higher standard of living as our Constitution has given American labor the right? It is all tied in with those free trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA, and we keep letting them do it. We keep voting for the same Republicans and Democrats who have set up those free trade agreements to make American economic standards compete against exploited workers who have never known the liberty afforded by our Constitution. When will it end?

We must stop rewarding those same politicians with a return to office. We must stop rewarding both Republicans and Democrats and anyone else who can’t seem to understand what America is all about as Abraham Lincoln did, and as John F. Kennedy did and thousands of other patriots who have been willing to sacrifice so that we might have that gift of liberty in America that is the unalienable right of all mankind, but so rare in the world.

Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - Stop NAFTA and CAFTA

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Why did 54 senators and 217 congressmen consider the profits of a few to be worth more than the sovereignty of their country? And judging from the results of a similary trade agreement, called NAFTA, passed ten years earlier, worth more than the rights of millions of people south of our border and in countries as far away as China, whose only hope is to either work as slave labor in free-trade production facilities that deny their right to bargain for a higher standard of living as the law of our Constitution gives us, or to travel North across the border as illegal immigrants for the hope of a brighter future.

Why should we be losing family farms and good-paying factory jobs to competition from those who exploit foreign populations denied rights that Americans have fought for?

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