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Constitutional Principles

  1. We shall seek to reform our electoral, lobbying, and campaign practices to ensure that our elected government officials and our candidates owe their allegiance and remain accountable to the people whom they are elected to serve rather than other influence-seeking agencies.
  2. We shall require ethical conduct by all our government officials with respect to the acceptance of rewards from special interests seeking to influence government during or following their terms of public service.

2004-05-15 RPKS By-Laws

Reform Party of Kansas By-Laws as of 5/15/2004.

State Party Officers

Chair: Joy Holt  Treas: Tony Mattia

Affiliated national political party:

Reform Party National (Reform Party Nation, et al.)

National Officers:
John Blare, Chair; Joy Holt, Vice Chair;
Virginia Brooks, Secretary; Barbara Dale Washer, Treasurer

National Address:
P.O. Box 2378; Mission, KS  66201

Call to 2014 Reform Party of Kansas May 31, 2014 1030am Nominating Convention and Caucus and Executive Committee Meeting

2014-05-31 10:30
2014-05-31 12:30

This is a call to a Reform Party of Kansas
a) Executive Committee meeting
and severably,
b) the 2014 Reform Party of Kansas Nominating Convention and Caucus

each commencing at 10:30am Central time
May 31, 2014
and as may be continued by recess or adjournment.

This will be by teleconference and / or in-person.

The Teleconference number is:

conference #: 712-432-8700
code: 9288170#

Help line for problems: 913-940-0641

The in-person address is:

2210 South 50th Street
Kansas City, KS 66106

The agenda is:

2014 Nominating Convention and Caucus
2014 Election Nominations and related business.

Contact Joy Holt at 913-677-3760 for details.

Lessons Learned

If you want to run as a minor party candidate, you'd better read this:

Ken Cannon for KS Governor - Help Ken NOW to Get into a Johnson County Debate

[Printable PDF|This Page]

If You Want Reform, Vote Reform!

Please Help NOW to Get Ken Cannon into the Governor's Office.

Listen to Ken on 580 AM WIBW
at 12:00 Noon on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010

Please Help NOW to Get Ken Cannon into an Important Debate
at Johnson County Community College
in Yardley Hall
on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010.

We need at least $1,000 for the hall rental fee.

The Libertarian and Democrat candidates plan to attend.  Let's get Sam Brownback to attend like he got Sheila Frahm to attend debates in 1996.

Contribute with Paypal on or Mail to:
Ken Cannon for Governor
PO Box 134 / Lincoln, KS  67455

Ken Cannon for Governor
PO Box 663 / Andover, KS  67002

Limit $2,000 per person
Limit $4,000 per business
Ken Cannon will meet Resourceful Donors in person.


VoteSmart is the Voter's best friend!

Of the three candidates for Kansas House District 67, only Nate Wilson had the political courage to identify his positions on VoteSmart. Thankfully, VoteSmart also tracked incumbent Tom Hawk's voting record. Republican Mosier's positions remain in the dark. Click here for links.

My story - How I came to be a candidate in this election

Why would a pastor with 11 children run for office? Here's Nate's response to a leader in his church denomination who asked:

How to tell a good law from a bad one

A legislator must know how to determine a good idea for a law from a bad idea for a law. To vote wisely for a candidate for legislator, you need to know on what basis that candidate will determine a good law from a bad one. Here's how I will make that determination:

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