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GrassFire.org Alliance - Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill Update

Is "the fix" in on new Senate amnesty bill?

Our contacts on the Hill are giving us an insider's look at how the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill is likely to proceed this week.

We expect the Amnesty Gang to introduce a new bill as a "substitute" of the last failed bill. This allows them to bring the bill to the Senate floor without going through committee -- just like the first Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill. Then they will use Senate procedures -- including one which we are being told has never been used before -- to restrict the number of amendments that can be considered and limit debate.

What does all this mean?

At the end of the day, the Amnesty Gang is doing everything in their power to ensure that "the fix" is in on amnesty. They are going to manipulate Senate rules and make it nearly impossible for those opposing amnesty to block the bill on the Senate floor.

So the bottom line is, the ONLY barrier left to the Senate passing this bill is an even greater grassroots uprising.

"Where's the Fence?" Video | More Details

Anthrax Vaccine Mandate for Civilians

"Documents show that military medical personnel have known since at least 1998 that there are genetic triggers between illnesses and some required immunizations, including the anthrax vaccine. They also reveal the military knew and did not implement routine pre-screening which could help reduce vaccine-related illnesses," the report said. Nass said whatever results such research has generated should be made public. "This could save more people from becoming ill," she said. During the earlier mandatory injections, a number of service members simply refused, choosing to take the punishment rather than the inoculation." - Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily

Kansas Attorney General needs to uphold Kansas Abortion Laws

E-mail alert states:
A battle which can change the course of the abortion movement is taking place in Kansas right now. With your help we can make sure that late term abortionist George Tiller will be charged with illegal abortion under Kansas law. It is vital that you act now to make it happen.

Peru NAFTA Expansion Peru-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (PUFTA)

We told you about the Bush administration 'sneak attack' to shove through Peru NAFTA expansion. You responded, "TELL US MORE."
Listen to David's summary from today's call and find out how to make a difference.
Call your elected officials now

House Concurrent Resolution #487

Everyone should contact their US congressmen/women to support H.CON.RES.487(this means House Concurrent Resolution#487.) if you are against the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway.


Movie Fans Review

Aaron Russo's 'America: Freedom to Fascism' Opens To Sold Out Theaters

Film Grossed approximately $90,000 This Past Week In Test Markets

LOS ANGELES - It was a rush to the box office last week as Aaron Russo's hot documentary "America: Freedom to Fascism" opened in test markets in New York, Chicago, Austin, Tampa and Kansas City. The estimated box office last week was approximately $90,000.

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