Are We Betraying Our Own Freedoms by Serving Power-Hungry Masters?

For several generations up to the present day, selfish people have been openly planning and implementing a police state of total enslavement, in which they and their servants will have license to assault our freedoms, our property, our families, our health, and even our souls and minds.

These self-appointed slave-masters are power-hungry and ruthless, and they do not care how many have to suffer for the success of their goals of domination. They do not see the people of the world as free individuals whose rights and freedoms are to be carefully regarded. Rather, they see other people as potential slaves if they can be manipulated into bondage.

These ambitious masters are counting on all of us (their intended slaves) not to notice, not to understand, or not to care. They have developed a multitude of diversions in our lives to distract us from our duties to our families, our local communities, our cities, our state, and our nation.

Opportunists and traitors among us might be tempted to serve these powerful masters or to join them, but these manipulators have already picked their partners in their agenda (mostly in-bred family members over many generations, including international bankers, leaders of multi-national corporations, and so-called "royalty"). Any outsiders serving these "insiders" are no better than "house-slaves," traitors to their own people, coaxing them to submit to the dictates of the masters, spying on them, and betraying them, thereby assisting the slave-masters for a slight (and usually temporary) improvement in their living conditions.

An amazing fact is that the number of principle slave-masters is quite small. Their plans are almost completely carried out by self-serving house-slaves of various ranks, lording their petty "authority" over their poor neighbors to please their petty superiors or to satisfy their own cravings for power over someone else.

To quote a perceptive marsupial, "We have met the enemy, and he is Us." (Pogo/Walt Kelly)

Are we aiding our slave-masters and betraying our neighbors? Are we enforcing policies that have been designed by power-hungry masters or their well-rewarded "house-slaves" to infringe on the personal freedoms of law-abiding citizens? We need to evaluate the masters we serve, the policies we enforce on others, and how these policies may be assaulting the rights and freedoms of our neighbors.

On paper, America is a Constitutional Republic of laws made by elected representatives that answer to their constituents. In practive, with wide-scale vote-fraud, nearly complete media control by the same multi-national corporations whose lobbyists distribute amazing sums of money to our "elected representatives," and pandemic levels of apathy, ignorance, and naivete among voting citizens, the "laws" that are written (largely by corporate lobbyists) are not even read by the majority of congressmen and senators and consistently favor the major corporations and the ambitious slave-masters that have worked themselves into positions of power in our national, state, and local governments.

Coincidence or ...

After I received a copy of this article in e-mail at work, a message from our networking group advised us to delete non-work-related e-mails to avoid spam and viruses.

Minions and House-Slaves are Vigilant

It sounds like you may have some dutiful house-slaves enforcing policies designed to turn your work-place into a machine of automatons (robots) rather than a work-force of informed people with various specialized skills.

In every fascist take-over of a nation in the past (recent and distant) that I know of, the businesses have been federalized, that is, taken over by the fascist regime.

If your network police (enforcing network policies) do not think that awareness of the possibility that a fascist government is emerging that would likely confiscate private businesses is "work-related," then perhaps they are ready and eager to serve the new "owners" if and when your business is taken over, as was done in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Perhaps they know that those traitors ("house-slaves") who assist in the takeover are often rewarded with positions of limited (and usually temporary) control over others.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas

Media control by lobbying corporations?

Do you have any documentation that demonstrates the [nearly complete media control by the same multi-national corporations whose lobbyists distribute amazing sums of money to our "elected representatives"]?

If there is some proof, it would be great to have it also in graphic format, like a chart.

Proof for the Self Evident?

It would take a bit of time and effort to find proof that people cry when they are sad. You know it from experience, but you don't remember how you first learned it or who told it to you. It just is true. You never expect anyone to ask you to prove something that self evident.

Evidence/Corrections Welcome - Further Research is Planned

I'll see what I can find. If you find something, let me know. Thanks.

I plan to develop this article as I get evidence, receive corrections, get time(!) - just as you have suggested. I plan to take each point and make a linked page for it that gives examples and action items.

If you or others want to help out, with ideas, outlines, articles, pointers, etc. please do.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas