National Grassroots Demonstration (NGD) - Home/DC Offices of Congress/Senate - Apr. 1, 2008 or Apr. 2, 2008

2008-04-01 11:00
2008-04-02 14:00

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  • Greatly reduce and stabilize gasoline prices (e.g. regular 87 octane close to $1.30 - $1.40/gal), utility bills, transportation/other energy costs, food prices.
  • Also, improve USA sovereignty and solve other related national and world problems.

April 1 or 2, 2008 - between 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Every office in home states of all 100 Senators and 435 Representatives, or in their Washington D.C. offices.


  • Representatives of groups/organizations (with 100 or more voters) should visit these Senators'/Representatives' offices in person.
  • Individuals: Preferably fax NGD page to these offices, or mail it to them, emphasizing the following Urgent Issues.
Joseph Martin
Open to All Attending

Demand a prompt written response to the following urgent issues by USA Congress and the following legislative actions:

  • UNCAP AND DRILL U.S.A. OIL WELLS: By 4/17/2008 US Senate, and by 4/18/2008, US House, should pass a bill providing a "price-support" (tax credits, etc.) of $25 to $30/barrel of oil and $4.00/1,000 cu. ft. of natural gas; and that adds incentives to increase U.S. oil refinery capacity. This would prevent OPEC monopoly (CARTEL) from dropping its prices below these price supports to stop or greatly reduce U.S. domestic oil/natural gas production, as it did at $10.00/barrel in 1998. President Bush should sign this bill by 4/21/2008, and it should require him to have his Departments of Interior, Agriculture, and Bureau of Land Management on 4/22/2008 to start proper increased leases for oil/natural gas production on most or all of Federal Lands in several western states (e.g. Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico) and other USA states, especially on Gull Island and other parts of Alaska's North Slope Petroleum Reserve separately west of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). One to three months after President Bush signs this bill, these actions should greatly start increasing our domestic oil/natural gas reproduction from private and federal the lands in these USA states and off-shore in Gulf of Mexico and USA West and Southeast Coast waters - ESPECIALLY from ALASKA'S LONG-CAPPED Gull Island Well. In a year or so. this should reduce our oil imports from 60% to 20% or so (most from Mexico) of our oil consumption, with NO IMPORTS from IRAQ MIDEAST/OPEC monopoly. Exports of Alaskan/Other USA oil and natural gas production should be prohibited.
  • A 10-member U.S. Congress and Private Sector Group should soon (4/12 - 4/14/2008) go by one of President Bush's airplanes to Alaska's Prudhoe Bay area - to physically prove whether there is a capped (unused), not a plugged (drained), Gull Island oil well there - and to prove whether there are capped and mapped oil wells in the other aforementioned USA states.

Get active now per WHO/HOW (above)! Your accomplishments will buy 5 to 10, or more years to develop wide-spread alternative energy sources (ethanol form switchgrass, etc. - not corn or soybeans - wind solar, etc.) and better energy conservation in buildings homes, etc.

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