My Opinion on the News Sidebars

First of all, I didn't have anything to do with creating the news sidebars, so if you like 'em or don't like 'em talk with the webmaster. I'm just a party candidate with permission to blog here.

Second, I support free press. No single news media can possibly present a holistic picture of what happened in the world over the last week. Every news media chooses a certain set of biases by which to filter out the hundreds of billions of events that happened in the lives of 6 billion people over the last seven days. All of those billions of events were newsworthy to somebody, but you're only going to see a very limited and biased choice of ten or even a hundred of those in an RSS feed or a newspaper. Therefore, we each have the responsibility to wisely select the mix of news media that uses the set of filters we believe is the best for identifying what was important over the last week, rather than blindly digesting whatever the local newspaper throws on its front page. So I say, "Long live the alternative news sources!"

Finally, do I agree with the particular news articles listed here? Some yes, some no. I do not appreciate the ones that make accusations and promote rumors without facts and references, use name calling, twist facts, promote fear without any positive hope for change, and promote hatred for individuals. I do appreciate the ones that present interesting new facts, that reveal evil, and offer good ideas for improvement. So, as the saying goes, "Eat the corn; leave the cob."