Nate Wilson for Kansas House #67

Nate would like to be your representative in the Kansas House of Representatives. With two decades of service in charitable organizations, including serving elementary and high school students at Camp Briarwood, serving college students through InterVarsity, serving church leaders in over 100 countries through Caleb Project, serving small business owners in Uganda through The TentMaker Project, and serving the community of Manhattan as pastor of Christ the Redeemer Church, Nate is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of District 67.

As a father of 10 children (the oldest of whom is enrolled at K-State!), and as the Vice President of the Manhattan CHIEF homeschool organization, Nate has a love and concern for the future generation of Kansans. He is also committed to supporting the right of life to all Kansans, including those yet unborn and those who are very old.

Nate believes in encouraging individual responsibility and allowing as much freedom as possible for people to work, pursue their dreams, live out their faith, and help each other. This means keeping laws few and simple. Nate is not inclined to pass new laws and restrict your freedoms further, especially not laws imposed by federal government agencies to micromanage farming, industry, health care, parenting, education, property ownership, gun ownership, etc. Nate does not believe that the government can give quality of life or jobs or even a good education. These are things that only the ingenuity of individual Americans can accomplish with God’s blessing. He would be pleased if Calvin Coolidge’s assessment of his Presidency could be said of Nate himself in the Kansas House: “Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business.”

However, Nate believes that law has an important place in society, and he will support just laws which protect life and property, and which punish real crimes with just penalties. When government is limited like this, taxes will be low, and Nate likes low taxes! The Reform Party of Kansas is pleased to recommend Nate Wilson as Representative of the Kansas House for District 67.

Attached is a pdf version of this message. Please feel free to copy and pass on to friends. If you want a half-page flyer or a trifold brochure, these are also available on this website!

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