Reform Party of KS conf. call

Reform Party of Kansas monthly Conference Call is set for August 2 at 8:00pm

Lessons Learned

If you want to run as a minor party candidate, you'd better read this:

VoteSmart is the Voter's best friend!

Of the three candidates for Kansas House District 67, only Nate Wilson had the political courage to identify his positions on VoteSmart. Thankfully, VoteSmart also tracked incumbent Tom Hawk's voting record. Republican Mosier's positions remain in the dark. Click here for links.

My story - How I came to be a candidate in this election

Why would a pastor with 11 children run for office? Here's Nate's response to a leader in his church denomination who asked:

How to tell a good law from a bad one

A legislator must know how to determine a good idea for a law from a bad idea for a law. To vote wisely for a candidate for legislator, you need to know on what basis that candidate will determine a good law from a bad one. Here's how I will make that determination:

Notice that I'm not asking you for money?

When a candidate asks for your money to campaign with, you can bet he or she will continue asking for your money to spend while in office.

Kansans for Life 2010 Questionnaire filled out by Nate Wilson

Kansans for Life apparently only canvassed the Republican and Democratic candidates, but when I saw that my name was not on their published voter's guide, I requested a questionnaire and filled it out as follows the same day that I received it in the mail. I appreciate their efforts to publicise candidates' views on the important issues of life, although their practice of ruling out candidates simply because they are not Democratic or Republican makes their voters guides less than useful in my opinion.

The Sine Qua Non of Enduring Freedom

I'm aware of three candidates running for District 67 of the Kansas House. All three profess the Christian faith. Upon what basis will the candidates practice their faith if elected?

I'm not a politician, and that's a good thing!

The state house is not intended to be a place for politicians, it is a place for ordinary citizens to represent what they believe.

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