VoteSmart is the Voter's best friend!

Kudos to Richard Kimball for starting Project VoteSmart. What a great way for voters to find out what the candidates on the ballot actually stand for! This is what consciencious voters need to sort out the fluff and make wise decisions about who to vote for. Part of the challenge, however, is this: does the candidate have the political courage to identify his positions and potentially alienate voters by saying what he believes?

  •  Republican Candidate Susan Mosier doesn't appear to want to identify her positions, so we are left to guess - something I'm not willing to do with political candidates.
  • Tom Hawk, the Democratic incumbent, did not fill out VoteSmart's Political Courage test either, but we don't have to guess about his positions, because VoteSmart has his voting record, showing his consistant habit of raising taxes and abandoning traditional moral values.
  • I have identified my positions on the Vote Smart Political Courage Test here. By the way, If you read through my list and find yourself thinking, "How on earth can he hold that position?" Perhaps it is one I have not thoroughly enough considered. I would appreciate it if you would send me an email and let me know why you would hold a different position.


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