Topic: Eugenics - Improving Humanity Through Good Breeding and Genocide


Eugenics has various definitions, but in practical terms, it is the religion of atheists who believe they are gods.

Eugenics [WikiPedia/Search/Video] was formulated by Sir Francis Galton in 1865, cousin of Charles Darwin.

Early and prominent supporters of eugenics include

Some people have tried to put a positive spin on Eugenics:

Does it make sense now that our food is full of toxins, pesticides, and genetically modified plants and animals?

Does it make sense now that the FDA approved Aspartame/Nutrasweet, which breaks down into formaldehyde and methanol (poisonous wood alcohol)?

Does it make sense now that the vaccines are loaded with live viruses, mercury (thimerosal), and other toxins? or that they are "mandating" more and more of these lethal shots for our children (as the rates of autism continue to climb) and the military soldiers?

Does it make sense that the World Health Organization has a reputation of spreading diseases in its vaccination programs. This page has links to information on the WHO and their agenda.

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