The Sine Qua Non of Enduring Freedom

I'm aware of three candidates running for District 67 of the Kansas House. All three profess the Christian faith. Upon what basis will the candidates practice their faith if elected?

Stand Up America

Ron Paul succeeded in uniting thousands of Americans with his message of having respect for liberty through having respect to the laws of the Constitution. We ought not let his message or his accomplishment of uniting so many people become diminished.

We need to pick up and amplify Ron Paul's message and use it as a standard for judging or endorsing all other candidates.

A Petition for The Promotion and Celebration of Our LAW

American values are upheld through respect and honor for the laws of our United States Constitution. Let's show the American people's respect for our LAW by promoting and signing this petition in support and celebration.

Topic: Seven Principles of the Declaration of Independence

Seven Principles of the Declaration of Independence

Taken from Video on Modern Education (1:40:00 into it)

  • National Sovereignty
  • Natural Law
  • Self-Evident Truth
  • All Men Created Equal
  • Creator Given, Unalienable Rights (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness (Property in John Locke's wording))
  • Government's Purpose - Secure These Rights
  • Popular Sovereignty (Consent of the Governed)

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When Respect For God Is Banned

We are seeing guns and police replacing God in our society. For 200 years our Constitution upheld our civil liberties and prayer in public schools. Now it has been turned around. Since prayer has been recently banned, we now see our civil liberties for prayer being replaced with police with guns pointed at our school children.

Aaron Russo's - America: From Freedom to Fascism.

America: From Freedom to Fascism is a sad, but true look into the dark abyss that has become the national landscape of modern America. A land of corrupt leaders and the lives they destroy through subterfuge, coercion and violence.

Statement of Principles

Set the Highest Ethical Standards For the White House and Congress.

Continue to Balance the Budget.

Campaign Reform.

Carefully Put Together Plans to Deal with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

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