Kansans for Life 2010 Questionnaire filled out by Nate Wilson

Kansans for Life Political Action Committee


Office Sought: KS House

District: 67

Party: Reform

Incumbent to this office?: No

Many medical and bio-science workers now face immoral procedures in which they do not want to participate. Kansas law allows only physicians and hospitals to refuse to participate in abortion and sterilization and allows pharmacists to refuse any prescription based only on professional judgment, not conscience.

1.) Will you support a law that broadly applies to all hearth care entitles (Including, but not limited to: physicians, nurses, assistants, pharmacists, lab technicians, students, nursing home and medical facilities) to protect them from being forced to violate their moral conscience in the performance of their duties? YES

A Kansas City, KS abortion clinic scandalized the nation with its filth, open drug cache and high school drop-out staff. Complaints about appalling abortion clinic conditions are unlikely to be made by women eager to conceal their abortions. All other Kansas single-day surgery centers are licensed and inspected by the state, except abortion facilities.

2.) Will you support state licensing and inspection of abortion clinics?
Inspections YES; Licensing NO (because licensing implies approval, and the state has neither the jurisdictional right to license businesses nor the moral right to permit businesses to perform abortions.)

Fetal anesthesia is now a medical specialty, treating pain for preemies and babies undergoing surgery while still in the womb. Science shows the unborn child between 7 and 20 weeks develops all the structures needed to experience pain. In fact, unborn babies are believed to feel pain even more than newborns, because pain dampeners do not function until after delivery. Federal and state laws ban animal cruelty and experimentation, and we should prevent the excruciating pain of abortion.

3.) Will you support a law like Nebraska enacted, banning abortion after 20 weeks? YES

Kansas only requires abortions after 22 weeks to be performed by a physician. For over 90% of abortions performed in Kansas, there is no law requiring a physical examination and consultation with a licensed physician prior to abortion. There is also no law requiring the physician to have hospital privileges.

4.) Would you support a law requiring that all surgical abortions be performed by a Kansas-licensed physician with hospital privileges and that all chemical abortions be prefaced by a physical examination and consultation with a licensed physician?
YES, as long as the bill does not give tacit approval by the state for the performing of abortions.

Teens can get abortions in Kansas without parental consent and without any parent present at the clinic. Statutory rapists can bring their pregnant victims into a clinics (by masquerading as the teen's friend or relative) and "erase" evidence of their crime through abortion. DNA evidence is currently sent to authorities only for abortions of girls under 14.

5.) Would you support changing these protocols, including requiring identification from companions of minors, raising the age of DNA evidence collection, and initiating monthly clinic reports to the state about the number of pregnant minors seeking services? YES

The new federal health care insurance reforms include a mandatory abortion surcharge, various abortion-funding mechanisms and a requirement that every hospital permit abortions.

6.) Will you support state measures to establish abortion-free insurance as permitted in the state insurance exchange program and to counteract new federal abortion mandates? YES & NO: I am not in favor of socialized insurance, so I would not want to support the state or fed starting new insurance programs of any sort. Where mandated, I would support abortion-free alternatives. I turned down tax-free insurance through the Christian ministry I used to work with because they chose to go with an insurance provider that provided abortion coverage. I use a private alternative to insurance called Samaritan Ministries, which does not cover abortions.

Assisted reproduction is a for-profit industry that creates and destroys embryos without professional, state or federal regulation. Egg-donating women remain unadvised about the grave dangers of chemically-induced ovulation.

7.) Would you support state regulation and non-Identifying statistical reporting of artificial reproductive events? YES

Human beings must be respected at every stage of development, whether their lives were begun by in vitro fertilization, by somatic cell nuclear transfer (cloning), or by some other laboratory technique. Harvesting embryonic 'stem cells" kills the embryos, unlike stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood and from adult tissue.

8.) Will you oppose embryo experimentation and destruction, even under the guise of "providing cures"? YES

Currently, the Kansas governor appoints each State Supreme Court Justice by choosing one of three candidates selected by a committee dominated by Kansas attorneys.
9.) Do you support changing the process to Include Senate approval of the Governor's State Supreme Court nominee- the way the US Senate confirms the presidential nominee for the US Supreme Court? YES (I did not have an alternative like this before me when I filled out the survey for Americans for Prosperity, so I defaulted to the State constitution. However, I like this alternative because of the additional accountability and representation it would bring with it, so I would support a measure like this.)

Planned Parenthood calls its sex ed 'abstinence plus,' but its philosophy is shown on its website, Teenwire, where registered users may be as young as six and can see animation that promotes masturbation, homosexuality and bestiality.

10.) Will you support true abstinence programs Instead of Planned Parenthood's sex education curricula? YES

A significant number of hospitals have formal policies authorizing denial of lifesaving medical treatment against the will of a patient or the patient's family if an ethics committee thinks the patient's quality of life is unacceptable.

11.) Do you support providing life-saving care, including food and water, for those medically fragile and aging patients who desire continued care, but are judged as being "not worthy" of it? YES

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