Alliance - Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill Update

Is "the fix" in on new Senate amnesty bill?

Our contacts on the Hill are giving us an insider's look at how the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill is likely to proceed this week.

We expect the Amnesty Gang to introduce a new bill as a "substitute" of the last failed bill. This allows them to bring the bill to the Senate floor without going through committee -- just like the first Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill. Then they will use Senate procedures -- including one which we are being told has never been used before -- to restrict the number of amendments that can be considered and limit debate.

What does all this mean?

At the end of the day, the Amnesty Gang is doing everything in their power to ensure that "the fix" is in on amnesty. They are going to manipulate Senate rules and make it nearly impossible for those opposing amnesty to block the bill on the Senate floor.

So the bottom line is, the ONLY barrier left to the Senate passing this bill is an even greater grassroots uprising.

I want to attack this debate on two fronts -- holding the leaders of the amnesty movement in the Senate accountable while we encourage key senators to oppose the bill.

New "Where's The Fence?"(tm) ad airing in Kansas

Because Kansas is so crucial to this debate, we have just completed a media buy to re-air our "Where's The Fence?"(tm) spot in Kansas this week:

I am asking our Kansas team members to fully underwrite the airing of these ads in your state. Go here to see the ads and to help with the costs:

We also just finished a compelling new "Where's The Fence?"(tm) TV spot which is airing this week in key markets. This is definitely the hardest hitting ad we have ever produced. Go here to see this ad which specifically targets Bush, Kennedy, McCain, Kyl, Lott, McConnell and Reid -- the main co-conspirators who brought the bill back.

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Again -- our sources tell us that the back-room deal cut last week has already put into motion a plan that will manipulate Senate rules and tie the hands of those Senators opposing this amnesty bill. That means YOU AND I are the last line of defense.

This is even more serious because Speaker Pelosi is showing signs that she is eager to pass the Senate's amnesty bill.

Thanks for your help fighting this amnesty bill and bringing the "Where's The Fence?"(tm) campaign to your state!

Steve Elliott, President

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More Details

Senate Amnesty Betrayal: Last chance to convince Senate

The Senate is making their move on the Illegal Immigration Amnesty/Pardon Bill today (6/28/2007). They already got cloture with 66 votes! Two-thirds of the Senate are open traitors to the American people, and Sen. Brownback, Presidential Doubtful, was one of them.

  • It gives illegal aliens fast track citizenship.
  • It gives social security benefits on the first visit.
  • Illegal aliens can stay here and get these perks.
  • Each illegal alien can bring in 11 other family members.
  • Aggravated Felons and Gang Members can become legalized by signing a piece of paper (they already routinely falsify documents; what is one more fraud?).
  • In-state tuition rates at colleges are given to them.
  • Back taxes not paid (for work done illegally) are forgiven for the aliens (not for Americans, not even Mexican Americans).
  • It requires US Citizens to have a National ID Card to work!

The word is that George Bush wants to sign this Death to America on July 4th. They plan to push it through the House over the weekend. As a side note, if you haven't heard: George Bush has made himself dictator in any emergency he that he might declare.

The military is pushing for this amnesty to increase the numbers of illegal aliens that they are signing up into the military (yes, we have a growing portion of our military that are not Americans at all but essentially hired mercenaries).

Roy Beck at has some tools to send faxes to each person's congressperson and senators. Sign-up and go to the "Buffet" of action items. - Home Page - Promotional - The Faxes and other things

Tell all your friends and neighbors, unless your country is not of any importance to you or your family.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas

Call to Action #2

We need more faxes and help with a new blockbuster “Where’s The Fence?” ad.

I have added each of these targeted Senators to our FaxFire system. We need to keep a constant stream of faxes into these offices and literally the entire Senate -- along with the White House.
Go here to send your faxes NOW

We also have a blockbuster new “Where’s The Fence?”(tm) spot in final development that will specifically target any senator who helps bring this bill back for a vote. These ads will forever affix “amnesty” to the key senators who strike this “amendments for amnesty” deal. I need funds immediately.
Go here to help with this new blockbuster ad

Thanks for taking a stand to stop amnesty.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas

Call to Action #1

Call these Senators and say you oppose this “Amendments for Amnesty” deal!

Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Key Senators:

McConnell 202/224-2541
Lott 202/224-6253
Kyl 202/224-4521

Brownback 202/224-6521
Burr 202/224-3154
Chambliss 202/224-3521

Cornyn 202/224-2934
Hutchison 202/224-5922
Isakson 202/224-3643

Warner 202/224-2023
Webb 202/224-4024

Talking Points
(be sure to be polite and respectful!)

  1. I understand that Senate leaders are working on a back-room deal that will bring the Amnesty bill back for a vote in exchange for consideration on certain amendments.
  2. I oppose this “Amendments for Amnesty” deal.
  3. If you support this deal, then you will forever be listed as a supporter of amnesty.
  4. The American people have spoken in opposition to this amnesty bill. I urge you to oppose this deal and the bill.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas

Contact Senators!

Senator McCain:

241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-2235
Fax: (202) 228-2862
e-mail by form on site

Senator Kyl:

730 Hart Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-4521
Fax: (202) 224-2207
e-mail by form on site.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas