Alliance - Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill Update

Is "the fix" in on new Senate amnesty bill?

Our contacts on the Hill are giving us an insider's look at how the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill is likely to proceed this week.

We expect the Amnesty Gang to introduce a new bill as a "substitute" of the last failed bill. This allows them to bring the bill to the Senate floor without going through committee -- just like the first Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill. Then they will use Senate procedures -- including one which we are being told has never been used before -- to restrict the number of amendments that can be considered and limit debate.

What does all this mean?

At the end of the day, the Amnesty Gang is doing everything in their power to ensure that "the fix" is in on amnesty. They are going to manipulate Senate rules and make it nearly impossible for those opposing amnesty to block the bill on the Senate floor.

So the bottom line is, the ONLY barrier left to the Senate passing this bill is an even greater grassroots uprising.

I want to attack this debate on two fronts -- holding the leaders of the amnesty movement in the Senate accountable while we encourage key senators to oppose the bill.

New "Where's The Fence?"(tm) ad airing in Kansas

Because Kansas is so crucial to this debate, we have just completed a media buy to re-air our "Where's The Fence?"(tm) spot in Kansas this week:

I am asking our Kansas team members to fully underwrite the airing of these ads in your state. Go here to see the ads and to help with the costs:

We also just finished a compelling new "Where's The Fence?"(tm) TV spot which is airing this week in key markets. This is definitely the hardest hitting ad we have ever produced. Go here to see this ad which specifically targets Bush, Kennedy, McCain, Kyl, Lott, McConnell and Reid -- the main co-conspirators who brought the bill back.

Go here to see the new TV spot:

Again -- our sources tell us that the back-room deal cut last week has already put into motion a plan that will manipulate Senate rules and tie the hands of those Senators opposing this amnesty bill. That means YOU AND I are the last line of defense.

This is even more serious because Speaker Pelosi is showing signs that she is eager to pass the Senate's amnesty bill.

Thanks for your help fighting this amnesty bill and bringing the "Where's The Fence?"(tm) campaign to your state!

Steve Elliott, President

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