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Topic: Eugenics - Improving Humanity Through Good Breeding and Genocide

Topic: Google Video Hosts "Must See" Informative Videos

Google is a great tool for researching information, and Google Video has a lot of very informative videos from such authorities and personalities as G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones and his InfoWars, Ron Paul, and Lou Dobbs.

It also has information on many important topics, including JFK, 9/11, CIA, Taxes, Waco, and TWA 800.

I have tagged many very informative videos must see.

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Topic: Seven Principles of the Declaration of Independence

Seven Principles of the Declaration of Independence

Taken from Video on Modern Education (1:40:00 into it)

  • National Sovereignty
  • Natural Law
  • Self-Evident Truth
  • All Men Created Equal
  • Creator Given, Unalienable Rights (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness (Property in John Locke's wording))
  • Government's Purpose - Secure These Rights
  • Popular Sovereignty (Consent of the Governed)

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Topic: Chlorine Bleach in our Drinking Water: Not All Bleach is the Same

"Water should be pure and free of bad bacteria; it should bring us minerals, some oxygen, a proper magnetic polarization (to be discussed later) and it should even taste good. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shared the responsibility for good water quality and have done their utmost to keep it so.

"Water is usually treated with aluminum to help it filter clear of sediment as it is passed through sand beds. It is then disinfected with chlorine gas. This is done in nearly all water treatment plants. Chlorine gas bubbled through water produces assorted harmful and even carcinogenic chemicals, but, again, most people have been drinking such water and do not get cancer. After the water leaves the treatment plant it is tested for its "free" chlorine level at certain checkpoints, because this level tends to get lower and lower. A certain level needs to be kept up, about 1 part per million (ppm) of active chlorine. This is what kills bacteria. ...

"Adding more chlorine gas on a small scale, if the free chlorine were low, would be prohibitively expensive at these numerous small checkpoints. Chlorine gas is also very dangerous to handle. Consequently, technicians have been trained to calculate how much liquid chlorine (bleach) needs to be added at any one checkpoint. This is much less expensive and dangerous. They have been taught which bleach has the EPA registration number and the National Standards Foundation (NSF) stamp to legalize its use in drinking water, and where to buy it. ...

"Somewhere a myth got started. It stated that "bleach is bleach" and any bleach would do. It would justify stopping at the corner store for a bottle of bleach. Before there were many kinds of bleach on the market, perhaps purer than now, such a myth did little harm. Now that many kinds of bleaches are on the market, it does a great deal of harm. The new bleaches arriving in the supermarkets in the past few decades have changed considerably. Some have "whiteners and brighteners" added. Many have other additives. ..."

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Topic: Sustainable Development and Agenda 21: Soviet Rule of America

The synthesis of the Hegelian dialectic between "Sustainable Development" and "Public/Private Partnerships" is the United Nations' Agenda 21 [Videos].

Collectivism is the suppression of individuality by the State.

Communism seeks "Equity." Fascism promotes "Economy." Sustainable Development enshrines the "Environment." These three goals are combined in Agenda 21 to form a world-wide tyranny.

The American Policy Center has some videos on the details of Agenda 21, how they are already turning America into a soviet bureaucracy, and the tyranny they promise for our immediate future.

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Topic: Chuck Harder: Witness to the Success of the American Dream and its Engineered Demise

The following was taken from Chuck Harder's Biography Page:

"Chuck Harder began his radio career during high-school as a teen-age disc-jockey at WRMN, Elgin, Illinois and other local stations. Later he moved to Chicago at Gorden McLendon's famous WYNR 1390 AM top-40 outlet, then moved into national radio and TV production. Later in 1979 Chuck started in talk-radio at WPLP and WNSI in Tampa Bay, Florida and then moved to WFLA, Tampa then WMCA, New York and NBC Talknet.

"Most of Harder's shows contained calls from consumers relating to financial problems or trouble with products, government bureaus, and so forth. Soon Chuck became disillusioned with what he called the "velvet hammer" of corporate-media program directors that advised as to what were "taboo topics." Determined to tell listeners what he found to be accurate, Chuck soon turned to syndicating his broadcast nationwide by satellite under the umbrella of a non-profit organization. Chuck and wife Dianne then loaned their life-savings to start Peoples Network, Inc. and built the first studios in their Tampa garage, later buying an old hotel in White Springs with down-payment and original fix-up funds loaned by the Harder's from personal savings.

"His guests have included Ross Perot, James Earl Jones, Pat Buchanan, Representative Marcy Kaptur, Sir James Goldsmith, Hal Lindsey, William Greider, Ralph Nader, Gerry Spence, Father Malachi Martin, Alveda King, and many hundreds of others over 8,580 hours of national broadcasts.

"Chuck's show is on nationally via four satellite channels from 2-4 PM Eastern and syndicated jointly by Talk Star Radio Network and PNI."

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Topic: NAIS - National Animal Identification System - International Control of Meat Production

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) [Videos] is an international tracking system that favors the big corporate farmers, and it is already in place in several unfortunate countries and even in some states in the U.S.

NAIS forces RF-ID tagging of all livestock and even the tracking of their feed. Congress has passed a "law" that forces all states to make it mandatory by 2009.

This Orwellian NAIS attempts to force farmers and ranchers to register their premises (which is the pivotal first step locking each rancher into a binding contract; don't do this!), to invest in costly equipment, including RF-ID tags for every animal (costing from $5 to $10 each, not normally reimbursed by the packers), and even to tell the authorities whenever animals are moved off their property, whenever they are born, sold, or have died within days. Non-compliance is punished with a $1000 per day fine.

NAIS will be the final destruction of the small family farms and ranches, since it will add crushing expenses, regulations, and fines to their already high costs of staying in business. As more and more local farms and ranches shut down, to the delight of the multi-national "Big-Beef"/"Big-Bird" companies (like Cargill, ADM, and Tyson), our food quality will diminish from the reduced competition.

Do you Eat?! Then you should be against NAIS! There are groups in different states that have formed to fight NAIS in their respective states.

Informative Links on NAIS
NAIS items from The Power Hour Radio Show on Genesis Communications Network.
USDA NAIS Site or here (Flyer, Myths)
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Topic: Topic Headings: Focusing on Top Level Topics on

I have started some top level topic heading articles, each of which is intended to be a topical start page for issues, people, resources, etc. And they can be viewed as a list of topics.

Each topic page will have links to items on that relate to the topic, and some pertinent links to external information to serve as a research tool to assist others in becoming more familiar with the topic and even to make further items on that topic on


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