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Topic: Keep Current on with RSS - Really Simple Syndication

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is hybrid between e-mail, Internet News, and web-pages.

A program called an RSS Feed Aggregator (since they pull together various feeds, whatever the user chooses), or RSS Reader, is configured to poll different RSS feeds, which are like web-pages with a standard format (XML). The feeds describe postings (blogs, articles, etc.) from a source (one or more writers, usually). When a new item is posted, it will show up in the feed when polled by the feed reader, and the client's aggregator will see that it is new content and alert the client that there is something new on one of his feeds.

For example, a feed to get the Reform News items posted to is: taxonomy/term/25+23+79+81+24+80+82+20+21+42+26+27+22/0/feed

or all items as they are added to

So, instead of going to a web-site on a regular basis to check for new articles, you can pick the feeds that interest you, and you will be notified when new items are there. But please do visit to sign up and contribute ideas!

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Topic: North American Union - Traitors for Free Trade

The North American Union (NAU) [Videos] is the latest effort of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) [Videos] to dissolve further the national sovereignty of the United States of America.

Their goals have been made clear in their maneuvers to get NAFTA and, a decade later, CAFTA approved in Congress and in the accelerated erosion of the American economy ever since.

Now, the North American Union, started by Bush of America (sic!), Martin of Canada, and Fox of Mexico as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) [Videos], and continuing unabated without Congressional approval, oversight, or even awareness, plans to end the United States of America as we know it.

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Topic: America: From Freedom to Fascism

Aaron Russo's Recent Film, America: Freedom to Fascism, documents a quest for answers on the IRS and the Federal Reserve, and it uncovers the people and organizations that are seeking to enslave us and the entire world, with the help of the Major Media. To do this, they are undermining our God-given, constitutionally protected rights, using as their agents the very government officials at all levels and in all branches, even though these have all sworn oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution.

It is available for sale at, and it can be viewed for free on Google Video.

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