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Topic: Keep Current on with RSS - Really Simple Syndication

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is hybrid between e-mail, Internet News, and web-pages.

A program called an RSS Feed Aggregator (since they pull together various feeds, whatever the user chooses), or RSS Reader, is configured to poll different RSS feeds, which are like web-pages with a standard format (XML). The feeds describe postings (blogs, articles, etc.) from a source (one or more writers, usually). When a new item is posted, it will show up in the feed when polled by the feed reader, and the client's aggregator will see that it is new content and alert the client that there is something new on one of his feeds.

For example, a feed to get the Reform News items posted to is: taxonomy/term/25+23+79+81+24+80+82+20+21+42+26+27+22/0/feed

or all items as they are added to

So, instead of going to a web-site on a regular basis to check for new articles, you can pick the feeds that interest you, and you will be notified when new items are there. But please do visit to sign up and contribute ideas!

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Flyers - Reform Party of Kansas Candidates - Print Them and Distribute!

All Reform Candidate Flyers (RSS) [All Radio Ad MP3 Files]

Here you'll find links to Reform Party of Kansas Candidate Flyers.

Please print out these flyers and pass them out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Leave several at doctors' offices, lobbies, post-offices, truck-stops, barber-shops, gas-stations. Include them in correspondence to Kansans.

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If you are forwarding a URL to someone, bookmarking a URL, or adding an RSS URL to a feed-aggregator, please change the initial to in order to make the URL more permanent.

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