Flyers - Reform Party of Kansas Candidates - Print Them and Distribute!

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Here you will find links to Reform Party of Kansas Candidate Flyers:

All Reform Candidate Flyers (RSS) (MP3s)
Richard Ranzau for Governor Flyers (RSS)
Joseph Martin for Secretary of State Flyers (RSS) (MP3s)
Roger Tucker for Congress Dist. #2 Flyers (RSS) (MP3s)
Joy Holt for Congress Dist. #4 Flyers (RSS)
Jason Littlejohn for KS State Rep. Dist. #45 Flyers (RSS)
Judy Tucker for KS State Rep. Dist. #5 Flyers (RSS)

Please print out these flyers and pass them out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Leave several at doctors' offices, lobbies, post-offices, truck-stops, barber-shops, gas-stations. Include them in correspondence to Kansans.

If you have ideas for new flyers or changes to existing flyers, let us know.

Printable flyers

I think the printable flyers are a great idea. Is there a general purpose Reform Party flyer available for downloading. I may have missed it?

Printable Flyers

One overall flyer is available here.

A list of the party flyers is here.

A listing of the flyers on the web-site is here.

If you have ideas for changes or new flyers, let us know. NAIS needs some flyers.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas