Americans for Prosperity 2010 Candidate Questionnaire submitted by Nate Wilson

Name: Nathan (Nate) Wilson

District: 67

Campaign Address: 2488 Woodside Ln, Manhattan 66503



1) Why are you running for the Legislature?

To provide an option for my community to vote for a man who is pro-life, free-market, and a Bible-believing Christian.


2) If you had the opportunity, what is the first bill you would like to submit in the 2011 session and why?

I am not in favor of creating more laws unless they would simplify or repeal current laws. I believe that the state should not micromanage its citizens by multiplying laws.


3) Do you support or oppose legislation that would allow for tax increases to be enacted only by a legislative supermajority or referendum? (i.e. either 3/5 or 2/3 vote of legislature for approval of a tax increase)

Oppose. Our state is already spending too much money on socialistic programs. These things need to be cut so that taxes don’t need to be raised.


4) When state revenues are less than state expenditures, which statement most accurately reflects your first priority.

Do not raise taxes, and cut spending.


If you would cut spending, are there any specific areas youwould cut? Why?

* Wealth redistribution programs - Private charity is more effective.
* Invasive control measures over agriculture and business and industry – Businesses will do better without state micromanagement.


If you were to raise taxes, what specific taxes you would raise and why?

I am in favor of a flat tax rather than a graduated income tax. The state does not own its citizens and has no right to claim a percentage of their labor. Furthermore, the rich should be given the freedom to invest as they see fit rather than be forced to pay higher taxes.


5) What do you believe to be the most important issues facing the Kansas Legislature in the upcoming session?

1. Budget
2. Abortion
3. Social Aid Programs
4. Education
5. Immigration
6. Marriage
7. Parental Rights


6) Many Cities, Counties, and State agencies use tax dollars to hire lobbyists to lobby the Kansas Legislature. Do you believe this is a proper use of tax dollars and should such expenditures be disclosed to Kansas taxpayers? Why or why not?

While it is certainly reasonable to budget modestly for informative research and for legislators to seek information about their constituencies, legislators need unbiased research and information, so agency lobbyists are only of partial value. Such expenditures should certainly be public information, because it is an expenditure of public funds.


7) How do you believe Kansas Supreme Court Justices should be selected?

By the governor, as provided in the constitution.

UPDATE: While I still support fidelity to constitutions, I have come to believe that our constitution should be changed to allow for more accountability to the citizenry for the judicial branch of government, such as having Senate confirmation of judicial appointments.


8) If the rate of inflation (consumer price index), plus population growth in Kansas grew at 4%, what do you believe would be the appropriate percentage increase in state budget expenditures? Why?

At this point, I would not want to see the state budget increase, but rather trim fat. At some point, of course, once the budget is more conservatively set, it should grow with population. I would support measures to stop inflation.


9) Kansas economic growth has been lagging behind our neighboring states and annual population growth is stagnant at an average increase of less than one-half of one percent per year. As a legislator, how would you address these problems?

Lower taxes and get government out of business so there is more freedom to start new businesses and carry on established ones without mountains of paperwork, inspections, and taxes. There should, of course, be some level of regulation, but I believe what we currently have is too much.


10) The 2010 Legislature increased the state sales tax from 5.3% to 6.3% in part, to help fund a FY 2011 state general fund budget that increases spending by $204 million over FY 2010. Once implemented, Kansas will have the largest sales tax amongst neighboring states. (Nebraska is nest closest at 5.5%). Considering 33% of our population resides in a county bordering Missouri alone, do you support the decision of the Legislature?



11) Do you have any other positions or information that would be of interest to the members of SFP-Kansas?

I believe there is a spiritual component to all this. There is a God who governs the affairs of man and who blesses those who love Him with all their heart. I believe I can lead in this as well as in the secular aspects of being a legislator.