Topic: North American Union - Traitors for Free Trade


The North American Union (NAU) [Videos] is the latest effort of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) [Videos] to dissolve further the national sovereignty of the United States of America.

Their goals have been made clear in their maneuvers to get NAFTA and, a decade later, CAFTA approved in Congress and in the accelerated erosion of the American economy ever since.

Consider briefly the main promises of NAFTA:

  • To build up the Mexican economy to a level closer to ours in America.

    The Mexican economy has had hardly any noticeable improvements, especially as regards the working (or out of work) Mexican, even with the movement of thousands of good American jobs into Mexico every year.

  • To increase demand in Mexico for American goods.

    Exactly the opposite has happened. America has gone from a trade surplus with Mexico to an embarassing trade deficit (or at least it should be to NAFTA's supports).

  • To reduce the frighteningly high number of illegal aliens invading from Mexico into America, then at roughly only 2 million illegals.

    After the Mexican corn farmers were bankrupted by the dumping of subsidized American corn into Mexico on the heals of the passing of NAFTA, millions of them began to head into America, the cause of their despair, to search for work. They were welcomed by eager corporations looking to reduce their labor costs, especially by the Meat Packing industry, which had conveniently cut the salaries of their American workers in half. The Americans couldn't afford to work for that, but the bus-loads of Mexicans being brought in were very willing to take their places.

Now, the North American Union, started by Bush of America (sic!), Martin of Canada, and Fox of Mexico as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) [Videos], and continuing unabated without Congressional approval, oversight, or even awareness, plans to end the United States of America as we know it:

  • The borders between Canada, America, and Mexico will be dissolved. It's now no wonder that our border with Mexico is not enforced at all, and that law-abiding Americans trying to protect their homes and their country are given no support, and punished for the patriotism, and are allowed to be shot at by the Mexican army. Learn more at the Minute Man Project.
  • United States businesses will become North American Businesses. In Texas, businesses are already receiving their North American Business IDs.
  • The illegal aliens invading America from Mexico will become legal North American Citizens, or at least initially they will become Trusted Travelers, with nifty, new trackable ID cards, just like the new Federal ID cards we will be forced to accept as our state driver's licenses according to the Read ID Act, already passed and signed into law, to be mandatory in all states by May 2008.
  • Eminent Domain abuse will go into overdrive as millions of acres are taken from Americans to build the NAFTA Super Highway from Mexico to Canada, with the first stop at the new "port" being built in Kansas City, MO, all of which will be owned and controlled by Mexico.
  • Do I need to say more?

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