Topic: Chuck Harder: Witness to the Success of the American Dream and its Engineered Demise


The following was taken from Chuck Harder's Biography Page:

    Chuck Harder began his radio career during high-school as a teen-age disc-jockey at WRMN, Elgin, Illinois and other local stations. Later he moved to Chicago at Gorden McLendon's famous WYNR 1390 AM top-40 outlet, then moved into national radio and TV production. Later in 1979 Chuck started in talk-radio at WPLP and WNSI in Tampa Bay, Florida and then moved to WFLA, Tampa then WMCA, New York and NBC Talknet.

    Most of Harder's shows contained calls from consumers relating to financial problems or trouble with products, government bureaus, and so forth. Soon Chuck became disillusioned with what he called the "velvet hammer" of corporate-media program directors that advised as to what were "taboo topics." Determined to tell listeners what he found to be accurate, Chuck soon turned to syndicating his broadcast nationwide by satellite under the umbrella of a non-profit organization. Chuck and wife Dianne then loaned their life-savings to start Peoples Network, Inc. and built the first studios in their Tampa garage, later buying an old hotel in White Springs with down-payment and original fix-up funds loaned by the Harder's from personal savings.

    Stations taking the program could honestly deny control of the topics aired while benefiting from public affairs programming. It was for that reason that Chuck, his wife Dianne, and attorney Lawrence Lempert founded the organization in 1987 known as "For the People" (TM) and Peoples Network, Inc. (PNI)

    The "For the People" (TM) program seeks to provide a forum for the average citizen to learn the workings of government and useful consumer and financial information. Because the program is supported by listener's memberships and donations, Harder speaks without fear of corporate censorship or reprisals and his stations have honest deniability. Thus the truth, facts, breaking stories, and cutting-edge investigations are aired without second thoughts. Harder is a walking encyclopedia of information from how to collect a debt to getting a large corporation to respond to consumer needs.

    His guests have included Ross Perot, James Earl Jones, Pat Buchanan, Representative Marcy Kaptur, Sir James Goldsmith, Hal Lindsey, William Greider, Ralph Nader, Gerry Spence, Father Malachi Martin, Alveda King, and many hundreds of others over 8,580 hours of national broadcasts.

    Chuck's show is on nationally via four satellite channels from 2-4 PM Eastern and syndicated jointly by Talk Star Radio Network and PNI.

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