Senate Amnesty Betrayal: Last chance to convince Senate

The Senate is making their move on the Illegal Immigration Amnesty/Pardon Bill today (6/28/2007). They already got cloture with 66 votes! Two-thirds of the Senate are open traitors to the American people, and Sen. Brownback, Presidential Doubtful, was one of them.

  • It gives illegal aliens fast track citizenship.
  • It gives social security benefits on the first visit.
  • Illegal aliens can stay here and get these perks.
  • Each illegal alien can bring in 11 other family members.
  • Aggravated Felons and Gang Members can become legalized by signing a piece of paper (they already routinely falsify documents; what is one more fraud?).
  • In-state tuition rates at colleges are given to them.
  • Back taxes not paid (for work done illegally) are forgiven for the aliens (not for Americans, not even Mexican Americans).
  • It requires US Citizens to have a National ID Card to work!

The word is that George Bush wants to sign this Death to America on July 4th. They plan to push it through the House over the weekend. As a side note, if you haven't heard: George Bush has made himself dictator in any emergency he that he might declare.

The military is pushing for this amnesty to increase the numbers of illegal aliens that they are signing up into the military (yes, we have a growing portion of our military that are not Americans at all but essentially hired mercenaries).

Roy Beck at has some tools to send faxes to each person's congressperson and senators. Sign-up and go to the "Buffet" of action items. - Home Page - Promotional - The Faxes and other things

Tell all your friends and neighbors, unless your country is not of any importance to you or your family.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas


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