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Highway Robbery

Amidst a firestorm of opposition to the Trans Texas Corridor the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) held the second annual Texas Transportation Forum on Wednesday, July 18 through Friday, July 20 at the downtown Hilton in Austin, Texas. The Trans Texas Corridor would be part of the planned NAFTA superhighway running from Mexico to Canada.

The forum was attended by what amounts to Texas Governor Rick Perry's constituency: highway construction companies, related contractors and sub-contractors, civil engineers, attorneys, bankers, international investors, and various state and federal bureaucrats, all seeing dollar signs in their eyes as they came together to discuss strategy and tactics aimed at conning the people of Texas into paying for their own economic and national demise by forcing Texas motorists to pay tolls on new and existing highways. Most attendees were there to promote their various business interests, but many were there to facilitate building the super-corridor system needed to make possible the North American Union — a merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a single economic, political, military, educational, and cultural entity.

Rick Perry's vision for Texas, the Trans Texas Corridor, made it through the State Legislature in 2003. H.B. 3588, the enabling bill for the Trans Texas Corridor and, hence, the largest spending bill in the state's history, became law in large part because Texas' mainstream press, used as a watchdog, was inexplicably asleep.

TREASON 101: Arizona State University Promotes the Destruction of the United States of America

In May of 2005, a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force released "Building a North American Community", a blueprint for merging the United States, Mexico and Canada into one country called "North America". The plan, which is being implemented via the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement signed last year between the leaders of the three countries, will destroy the sovereignty of the USA. The United States will cease to exist as an independent nation. The United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, will be extinct. Implementation of such a plan is, therefore, by definition, an act of TREASON. No other word fits the crime.

Critical to the execution of this high crime is the careful application of propaganda. To that end, the academic community within the United States is being enlisted to sell the idea that destroying America is a good idea. On page 29 of "Building a North American Community" is a recommendation to "Develop a network of centers for North American studies. We recommend that the three governments open a competition and provide grants to universities in each of the three countries to promote courses, education, and research on North America."

Arizona State University is one of the first academic Judas to volunteer to sell out American sovereignty. Traitors at ASU have put up a website, intended to be an instructional tool to assist and encourage professors to teach the concept of "North America" to their unwitting student body. The site, appropriately titled "Building North America", was created in cooperation with the North American Center for Transborder Studies at ASU, which must, therefore, be the actual nest of the traitors residing at ASU.

Kelly Taylor - Coming Through! The NAFTA Super Highway

"All across America, mammoth construction projects are preparing to launch. The NAFTA Super Highway is on a fast track and it's headed your way. If you don't help derail it, you may soon be run over by it - both figuratively and literally.

"The NAFTA Super Highway is a venture unlike any previous highway construction project. It is actually a daisy chain of dozens of corridors and coordinated projects that are expected to stretch out for several decades, cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and end up radically reconfiguring not only the physical landscape of these United States, but our political and economic landscapes as well.

"In Texas, the NAFTA Super Highway is being sold as the Trans Texas Corridor. In simplest terms, the TTC is a superhighway system including tollways for passenger vehicles and trucks; lanes for commercial and freight trucks; tracks for commuter rail and high-speed freight rail; depots for all rail lines; pipelines for oil, water, and natural gas; and electrical towers and cabling for communication and telephone lines. One of the proposed corridor routes, TTC-35, is parallel to the present Interstate Highway 35 (I-35), slightly to the east, running north from Mexico to Canada. Its present scope is 4,000 miles long, 1,200 feet wide, with an estimated cost of $183 billion of taxpayer funds. It runs through Kansas City." - Kelly Taylor

IT’S THE LAW! Feds Pave the Way to TOLL and PRIVATIZE the Interstate Highways as Part of AMERICAN UNION

On July 29, 2005, President Bush signed a bill which permits and promotes the charging of tolls on existing and planned interstate highways, bridges, and tunnels. Before the passage of the bill, known as SAFETEA-LU, or “Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users”, it was generally illegal to charge tolls on roads built with Federal funds. What’s more, the tolls collected will be automatic, requiring universally compatible toll transponder tags on every vehicle.

SAFETEA-LU makes possible a variety of programs, all aimed at forcing Americans to pay to travel.

The FTAA & the New World Order Plan

In October of 2005, The New American magazine sent me to Waco to cover the "Free Trade in the Americas" conference at Baylor University. What I personally witnessed there confirmed what I already knew, that the globalists plan to turn the entire western hemisphere into an "American Union". Such a scheme would, by definition, destroy the national sovereignty of the United States of America.

At the Baylor conference, keynote speaker Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, former head of the World Trade Organization, current head of the United Nations Council on Trade and Development, and a devoted communist, stated that infrastructure projects were essential in order to physically link up all the regions of a "free trade" area. The other featured globalist at the conference, Richard Fisher, the chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, insisted that the FTAA, or Free Trade Area of the Americas, must be achieved.

Chairman of 9/11 Whitewash Commission sets stage for Al Qaeda Nuke Attack

Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, gave a lecture at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas last Friday, March 31st. I was there covering the event for my local TV talk show, "The Simple Truth". A synopsis of my observations follows.

The question and answer session after the speech was anything but spontaneous. The students had been pre-selected and were prepped in a conference room before the presentation. I saw them coming out of the room, and asked one of them if they were going to be the students asking the questions. She said "yes". The Q & A was a fake.

Texas: Keystone State of the FTAA

A little more than two years ago, political allies of Texas Governor Rick Perry quietly passed legislation creating the "Trans-Texas Corridor" (TTC). With the connivance of a largely silent press, the most expensive project in the state's history became law with scant public notice.

It's bad enough that the TTC will cost at least $185 billion, much of it derived from new toll taxes imposed on existing free roads. It's even worse that the project -- 4,000 miles of roads, rail lines, and other infrastructure crisscrossing the state, bypassing all of the cities -- will be built by a Spanish contractor rather than a firm based in the United States. But worst of all is the role to be played by this hugely expensive boondoggle in linking the transportation system of the United States with that of Mexico, thereby creating the infrastructure that will facilitate the creation of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

UPDATE: Voting Problems Strike Again in Austin

I decided to make another attempt to cast my ballot, so I returned to precinct 228. The second time was the charm, because I succeeded . The election judge filled me in on all the details of this morning’s fiasco. No one was able to vote for 30 minutes because they had to replace all of the E-Slate voting machines and start over from scratch. The first batch of machines they received had not been programmed for the election! The nonsensical propositions I encountered were indeed the result of machines in “training mode”.

The election judge in charge did an admirable job of coping with the Hart Intercivic E-Slate disaster that befell his precinct. He contacted the poor lady who had tried to be the first voter of the day. She was a teacher at a local elementary school who had left the polling place presumably because she could not make sense of the fake ballot she encountered. She returned to the polls and cast her ballot.

Vote Fraud Hits Home

My name is Bob Dacy. I am the host of “The Simple Truth”, a political TV talk show cablecast in Austin, Texas. This morning, I attempted to vote before going to work. I say “attempted” because the Hart Intercivic E-Slate machines we use in Travis county prevented me from doing so.

I was the third voter in line, but, since one of the three machines at precinct 228 was not operational, I waited in line behind the first voter. She “voted” and left the booth. I entered the booth and put in my code number.

The ballot that appeared before me was complete nonsense. It was asking for my vote on such propositions as whether wheels should be mandated on office chairs, whether poll workers should be exempt from having to pay taxes, whether we should mandate 4 week vacations instead of 2 week vacations, and whether we should have a 3 day workweek. I looked at the poll worker nearby, a neighbor of mine, and asked him if this was a joke.

Republican Linked to Chinagate, Media Empire, and Voting Machines Running for Congress

Chinagate was all about agents of the communist Chinese government and rocket industry funneling cash into President Clinton's re-election campaign in exchange for technology transfers that gave them the ability to launch and target intercontinental ballistic missles against the United States. One of the conduits for that cash was Johnny Chung. DOJ attorney Michael McCaul did indeed "prosecute" Chung, but McCaul agreed to a sentence of probation and community service.The truth: McCaul , while working for Janet Reno, let this smaller fish go and failed to go after the bigger fish.

So Michael McCaul , the former Janet Reno employee who wimped out on Chinagate , befriends traitors, is married to big media, and whose financiers have links to a suspect voting machine is running for Congress. Heaven help us.

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