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I watched on C-SPAN the proceedings of Congress a few days before the July 28th, 2005, House Vote that passed the Central American Free Trade Agreement. I watched when Congressman Butch Otter was speaking for the American people. He said: "I want all 435 members of this house - I want them to be prepared when they go home and explain to their folks at home exactly what they've done - for whatever amount of the 435 members voted for CAFTA, in selling down the drain the sovereignty of this country."

This is the reason I became a candidate. Why did 54 senators and 217 congressmen consider the profits of a few to be worth more than the sovereignty of their country? And judging from the results of a similary trade agreement, called NAFTA, passed ten years earlier, worth more than the rights of millions of people south of our border and in countries as far away as China, whose only hope is to either work as slave labor in free-trade production facilities that deny their right to bargain for a higher standard of living as the law of our Constitution gives us, or to travel North across the border as illegal immigrants for the hope of a brighter future.

Why should we be losing family farms and good-paying factory jobs to competition from those who exploit foreign populations denied rights that Americans have fought for?

It is time for a change in Congress.

This is paid for by the Roger Tucker for Congress Committee.

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