Candidate Question - Joseph Martin - Are you Pro-Life?

I have been asked by several voters if I am pro-life, and they have asked me about our other Reform Party of Kansas candidates as well. I am heartened to see that others take this most important so seriously.

Yes, I am Pro-life. All of our candidates are pro-life, some without exceptions, some with reservations like "life of the mother" and rape.

I think these reservations held by some are political: they feel that "Pro-Life without Exceptions" will marginalize them into obscurity. I believe that with support and information from Kansas families and voters, many people "holding exceptions" will realize that these exceptions are not needed politically, especially when they discover that very many Kansans are profoundly pro-life, and that most of the "exceptions" presented to justify any abortions are mis-leading or contrived.

I am completely pro-life. Abortion should not be a legal medical procedure. If invasive surgery is required to save the mother, then that procedure should be to save her life and not to kill the child.

A common corner case, preventing the mother's death from a tubal pregnancy, is not surgical abortion in the common sense, and avoiding this surgery will likely take the life of the mother. The child (to my knowledge) will not survive either way. Perhaps, medical science will find a way to save even these children in a moral and ethical way.

Modern surgical C-sections can save many children that cannot be born naturally, and premature live-birth can save some children that must not be born when they are larger.

Cases like rape and incest should immediately put the mother into contact with the many families that are waiting for adoptions of new-born babies. These parents will pay for the birth, the legal expenses, and more. Thus, instead of the mother having to pay for an abortion to end an innocent life, the adopting family will pay her for the baby and the birth, and a new life of hope can begin. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation: The mother is helped, the child lives, the family have their new baby, and a new Kansas citizen is on his way to helping us all make this state the best in the Union: a state that preserves and respects human life, that guards and nourishes the family, and that enables honest, upright, responsible citizens to succeed and prosper.

I am also completely against the use of embryonic stem-cell research. It is unethical, inhumane, and a contemptuous assault on human dignity. In addition, the research so far has been largely a complete failure: God and His Nature are trying to show mankind that this is unacceptable and useless.

I support reasonable research on adult stem-cells, which has been showing promise.

I am also against the forced harvesting and sale of organs from political dissidents against their will. This is a booming business in China, while our country's leaders do nothing about it, and our media are almost completely mute on this crime against humanity being done by our "Most Favored" trading partner.

Please, God, have mercy on us. We must ask God for help, for our own conversion from vice (which the globalists use against us), and for the conversion of our representatives and leaders.