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Ken Cannon for KS Governor - Help Ken NOW to Get into a Johnson County Debate

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If You Want Reform, Vote Reform!

Please Help NOW to Get Ken Cannon into the Governor's Office.

Listen to Ken on 580 AM WIBW
at 12:00 Noon on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010

Please Help NOW to Get Ken Cannon into an Important Debate
at Johnson County Community College
in Yardley Hall
on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010.

We need at least $1,000 for the hall rental fee.

The Libertarian and Democrat candidates plan to attend.  Let's get Sam Brownback to attend like he got Sheila Frahm to attend debates in 1996.

Contribute with Paypal on or Mail to:
Ken Cannon for Governor
PO Box 134 / Lincoln, KS  67455

Ken Cannon for Governor
PO Box 663 / Andover, KS  67002

Limit $2,000 per person
Limit $4,000 per business
Ken Cannon will meet Resourceful Donors in person.


Ron Paul Meetup - July 28 - Kansas City, MO - Iowa Preparation Meet Up

2007-07-28 17:00
2007-07-28 18:00

With the August 5th Republican Presidential Debates, and the August 11th Iowa Straw Poll drawing near, we have decided to have a meet up to prepare for both of these events. Both of these events are in Iowa, the most important primary state, so we need to get as many Ron Paul supporters as possible from our area to these events to show their support for Ron Paul and spread his message.

We already have meet-ups posted for both of these events so please RSVP for both of these events if you haven't already. Just scroll down to where is says "More from our calender" This meet-up, the "Iowa Preparation Meet Up and ImPEACEment Party," is going to be held at Gillham Park (41st & Gillham Rd) at 5:00PM in Kansas City, MO.

Ron Paul - Ron Paul in Kansas City

June 22, 2007

Kansas City enthusiastically welcomed Congressman Ron Paul last Friday, June 15th. [VK Notice]

Dr. Paul started the day with an interview by the editorial board of the Kansas City Star. Afterwards, he spoke to the National Right to Life Convention where he received a standing ovation. A reporter for the Los Angeles Times then interviewed Dr. Paul for over an hour for a major article to be published in a few weeks. After the interview, Missouri State Representative Jim Guest hosted a luncheon for Dr. Paul. They were joined by Missouri State Representative Brian Yates.

Throughout the day, a two-man camera crew from the New York Times photographed Dr. Paul for an upcoming article in the New York Times Sunday magazine. The crew traveled with Dr. Paul to Phoenix the next day.

Photographs of the Kansas City event are posted at 72157600421461719

Thank you Kansas City!

Kent Snyder, Chairman
Ron Paul 2008

Chuck Baldwin - Paul, Not Romney, Won First GOP Debate

No less than ten Republican hopefuls in the 2008 White House race participated in the first national GOP debate last Thursday, May 3. Even before the 90-minute debate had concluded, media pundits were declaring that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had won.

Even my friend, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wrote, "During the debate I was flooded by e-mails from Republican activists and voters who told me Romney was dominating the debate." Scarborough went on to say, "Among those Red State Republicans (who will elect their party's next nominee), Mitt Romney won while McCain and Giuliani failed to meet expectations."

As with most political pundits, the entire focus of the debate centered on only three contenders: Arizona Senator John McCain, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Romney. In fact, in his post-debate summary, Scarborough's only reference to anyone other than these three names was a fleeting mention of the "Sam Brownbacks of the world."

Yet, when one looks at MSNBC's own poll, a much different picture emerges. According to this poll, there was a clear winner alright, but his name was not McCain, Giuliani, or Romney. It was Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Consider the before and after polls, as they appear on MSNBC's web site. See it at:

[Chuck Baldwin's Web Site|Full Article|Note on Reposting]

Topeka, Shawnee County Candidate Forum - Oct. 26

2006-10-26 19:00
2006-10-26 21:00

An all candidates forum for contested offices in Shawnee County invites participation.

All Party Candidate Forum in Leavenworth City Hall - Oct. 21

2006-10-21 09:00
2006-10-21 12:00

This is the last, and first, candidate forum for general election candidates in the 2nd District that will be attended by all candidates on the election ballot, including Reform Party candidates.

Press Release - Candidate, Veteran Ranzau Not Welcome in Debates

To members of the media:

During the rhetoric filled "debate" held at the State Fair between Governor Sebelius and Senator Burnett, the Governor made two comments that may give hope to other gubernatorial candidates left out of the debate.

The Governor stated that she was disappointed in voter turnout because "politics is not a spectator sport" and suggested that people need to get involved. Additionally, she stated that she supports the men and women who serve this country in the military.

Richard Ranzau, the Reform Party candidate for governor and veteran of the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars, spoke with the Governor after the debate.

Buoyed by the Governor's comments, Richard asked her what actions she was willing to take to ensure that he, a veteran of two wars, would be allowed to participate in future debates, and thus fully participate in the election process.

The Governor feebly responded by saying that it was not up to her to decide who would be allowed in the debates. When Richard reminded her that she was the Governor and suggested that she demonstrate some leadership in this area, she quickly avoided the question and sought refuge amongst her supporters.

So much for supporting veterans and encouraging participation in politics.

Baldwin City All Candidate Forum - Sept. 25

2006-09-25 07:00
2006-09-25 09:00

All Candidate Forum night sponsored by: "Business and Professional Women of Baldwin City" and "Town and Contry Republican Women of Douglas County"

Silver City Days Argentine KC, KS - Oct. 7

2006-10-07 09:00
2006-10-07 17:00

Reform Party Booth Silver City Days
Ellis Park Argentine District Kansas City, Mo.

Campaign 02 Lessons Learned

Campaign 02 was a real learning curve for all of us. For many of us, this was the discovery of how the process works, and a lot of groping around in the dark without experienced people to rely upon. The first thing that should be noted is that we were ill prepared for a real challenge to the Majors when we tried to put together our Campaigns in just about 6 months, and with little to no money. They learned long ago to get started on the next election the moment the current election is over. They also have a developed long term plan, which the Reform Party has to develop now. They utilize the entire 2 to 6 year election cycle to build up their bank accounts and have the money necessary for the advertising etc. to win. The Reform Party has now had its teeth cut by a younger group that will be able to build upon their experiences, and pass it on to our next group of leaders. Many of the points brought up by some of our past Candidates were very useful, and I want to thank them now. Darrel King, Alvin Bauman, and anyone I may have missed here, Thank You for all that you taught us.

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