Chuck Baldwin for President in 2008

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Chuck Baldwin Stands for Constitutionally Limited Government, which would dramatically lower our taxes.

American Independence
Military Adventures & Empire Building
Health Care
Border Security & Illegal Immigration
Sanctity of Life
The 2nd Amendment
United Nations
Veterans & Military
A Strong National Defense
Restoring Liberty
Eminent Domain Abuse
There is Still Hope for America

Stand Up America

Ron Paul succeeded in uniting thousands of Americans with his message of having respect for liberty through having respect to the laws of the Constitution. We ought not let his message or his accomplishment of uniting so many people become diminished.

We need to pick up and amplify Ron Paul's message and use it as a standard for judging or endorsing all other candidates.

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) of Roe Abortion Case Endorses Ron Paul for President

Washington, DC ( -- Before the March for Life this morning Norma McCorvey, the former Jane Roe of the infamous abortion case that allowed unlimited abortions nationwide, backed Ron Paul fo the GOP presidential nomination. McCorvey is now pro-life and she says Ron Paul is the best candidate to make sure abortion is no more.

McCorvey runs Crossing Over Ministry and is a frequent speaker across the country on pro-life issues.

“Ron Paul states, ‘The right of an innocent, unborn child to life is at the heart of the American ideals of liberty.’ I support Ron Paul for president because we share the same goal, that of overturning Roe v Wade," McCorvey said Tuesday.

"Ron Paul doesn't just talk about being pro-life, he acts on it. His voting record truly is impeccable and he undoubtedly understands our constitutional republic and the inalienable right to life for all," McCorvey added.

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Ron Paul - Struggling for Relevance in Cuba: Close, Still No Cigars

In the name of helping Cubans, the US administration is calling for "multibillions" of taxpayer dollars in foreign aid and subsidies for internet access, education and business development for Cubans under the condition that the Cuban government demonstrates certain changes. In the same breath, they claim lifting the embargo would only help the dictatorship. This is exactly backwards. Free trade is the best thing for people in both Cuba and the US. Government subsidies would enrich those in power in Cuba at the expense of already overtaxed Americans!

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Ron Paul - Interventionism? Isolationism? Actually, Both.

Even though I am no fan of the war in Iraq, keeping positive relations with Turkey is important to protecting our troops who have been sent to fight this war. We are likely to need cordial relations with Turkey so that we can get our troops out of Iraq as quickly and safely as possible, when the time comes.

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Ron Paul - Taxing Ourselves to Death

The basic tenets of the American dream are that through hard work and ingenuity, you can earn a better life for yourself, and you can give your children a better start than you had. Surveying American history this vision has played out through steady economic progress and growth from one generation to the next. Our prosperity now is our reward for hard work and achievement in the past. Today we are the strongest economy in the world, and have much to be proud of, but Congress doesn't seem to understand that we did not tax our way here.

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Ron Paul - Keeping Promises to Seniors

Official reports show the trust fund having assets of $2.1 trillion. In reality, those dollars are just IOUs the government is writing to itself when it borrows from the fund to spendon unrelated programs. There are no real assets in the Social Security Trust Fund. This is similar to taking money out of your savings account, spending it, then replacing it with an IOU to yourself, and calling that IOU an asset.

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Ron Paul - Congressional Control of Health Care is Dangerous for Children

"With universal mental health screening being implemented in schools, pharmaceutical companies stand to increase their customer base even more, and many parents are rightfully concerned. Opponents of one such program, called TeenScreen, claim it wrongly diagnoses children as much as 84% of the time, often incorrectly labeling them, resulting in the assigning of medications that can be very damaging. While we are still awaiting evidence that there are benefits to mental health screening programs, evidence that these drugs actually cause violent psychotic episodes is mounting."

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