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Joseph Martin
Candidate for Secretary of State
Reform Party of Kansas

Joseph Martin is a computer programmer with over 20 years of experience in many areas of development. He has been married to Leslie for thirteen years, and they have five children. They live in St. Marys.
He went to Georgia Institute of Technology, earning a B.S. in Mathematics; he graduated in 1992, summa cum laude.
Joseph has been active in the Reform Party of Kansas since the 2000 Presidential Race of Pat Buchanan. He was elected state chairman of the party in 2002, and he was elected vice-chairman in 2006 by the executive committee.

Joseph Martin is running for Kansas Secretary of State. Honesty in elections is essential to preserve our democratic republic.

    "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.”
    - attributed to Stalin

Honest Elections vs. Vote Fraud

I'm Joseph Martin, Reform Party of Kansas candidate for Secretary of State. Thank you for taking time to read this flyer.

My main goals as Kansas Secretary of State will be to:

  1. Ensure the integrity, accuracy, and honesty of elections in Kansas;
  2. Prevent people who are not Kansas citizens from voting while avoiding excessive intrusion into the privacy of citizens;
  3. Reduce the operational costs of the Secretary of State's office so that the fees paid by Kansas businesses can be reduced as much as possible.

The most important goal is honest, verifiable elections. Honest, accurate elections require not only a tamper-resistant system, but also a tamper-evident system.

Voter fraud by individuals can be reduced by keeping the voter registration lists up to date (to keep names of people that have died or moved away from “voting”) and also by having enough polling locations so that voters and poll officials are more likely to know each other.

The much greater danger to our freedoms is that officials might skew the results of an election: well placed bribes and threats can be very hard to resist. As a responsible electorate, fully aware of human nature and weakness (and avarice), we must demand an election process that makes large-scale vote fraud by officials difficult to commit and easy to detect by voters, thus safeguarding the democratic process of electing our public representatives.

Our republican form of government prevents tyranny by a separation of powers: legislative, executive, and judicial, all of which are subject ultimately to the vote of the citizens.

But if the officials counting the votes can falsify the results without detection, even slightly, then our freedoms are in jeopardy, depending on the good character of a few rather than the open scrutiny of any and all observers. We must have countable, verifiable ballots, and we must count them at the polling locations to minimize the opportunity of tampering with the ballots.

The expansion of the use of computerized voting machines in Kansas and across the country has greatly increased the danger of large-scale vote fraud, both intended and accidental, for many reasons.
First, any electronic device is subject to unexpected malfunctions or power loss.

Second, any person with physical access to such a device can attempt to tamper with it, possibly without detection.

Third, the modern computerized voting machines run on sophisticated devices that are running proprietary logic that we are not allowed to inspect, which could easily allow undetected manipulation of the results, locally or even remotely. This tampering might not be intended, but the fact that it is possible demands that they not be used at the heart of our democratic voting system.

Fourth, these devices offer no proof that the tallies of the votes are accurate. The designers can assert their accuracy. They can show test after test of previous accuracy. But without a verifiable, tangible record, there is no proof to offer, since all methods of viewing the internal data are controlled by the designer. Even the accuracy of the internal data cannot be proven.

Vote for Kansas this November! Vote for Honest, Verifiable Elections! Please vote for Joseph Martin for Secretary of State.

If You Want Reform, Vote REFORM!

My Top Three Policy Issues

  1. Stop the use of Computerized Voting Machines and require veriable, countable (and re-countable!) ballots.
  2. Ensure that only Legal Kansas Residents register to vote.
  3. Reduce state fees paid by Kansas Businesses.

Vote for Joseph Martin

Our constitutional republic prevents tyrannical government by a separation of powers, with the executive and legislative branches accountable to the voting public; this safeguard is subverted if the vote cannot be verified to be accurate by the public.
Computerized voting machines pose many threats to our democratic election process, since malfunctions can lose votes, and vote counts cannot be independently verified.

The cost of doing business in Kansas continues to rise.

We need to make sure that only legal Kansas residents can register to vote in Kansas.

If you want reform, Vote Reform!

Vote Joseph Martin For Secretary of State
November 7th, 2006

Every Effort Helps!

  1. Register and Vote on paper ballots! Tell your friends and neighbors to vote on paper ballots as well. The more verifiable ballots are cast, the harder it will be to steal an election.
  2. Tell your friends and neighbors that Joseph Martin is running for honest elections and lowering business fees. Sign up for an account on and participate in our efforts. Send e-mails to your contacts, encouraging them to work for their future. Together, we can make progress in Kansas.
  3. Walk your neighborhood and tell them about the dangers of centralized vote fraud and the other issues that I am addressing.
  4. Contact local newspapers, TV stations, radios stations, and web-sites to promote this campaign.
  5. Become a leader! This is a campaign for all Kansans to defend our democratic republic. Print out fliers, posters, cards, etc. Promote our web-site. People with skills in public relations, computers, fund raising, and organizing meetings are greatly needed. If you are interested in becoming active in this campaign, contact me.
  6. If you would like me to speak to your community group, church, civic organization, etc. or answer questions, please contact me:


To send monetary contributions, make your checks payable to "Joseph Martin for Secretary of State" and mail them to:

1106 N. 7th St.
St. Marys, KS 66536-1815

Anyone contributing more that $150 dollars must write their occupation on their check for reporting purposes. There is a limit of $2000 per person to the campaign.

I will not accept contributions from lobbyists.

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