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Jason Littlejohn
Candidate for Kansas
State Representative District 45
Reform Party of Kansas

Hope for OUR Future

- Pressing Issues -
- Real Solutions -

Vote Littlejohn For
KS State Representative
District 45

Cities: Lecompton and Lawrence (part)
Townships: Kanwaka, Lecompton, Wakarusa (part)

I have lived in Kansas for 25 years, and I have lived in Lawrence for about 10 years.

I attended school in Pomona. I went to The University of Kansas in Summer 1988. I participated in the Summer Honors Institute. The following year I graduated from Pomona.

I attended K.U. for two years as an aerospace engineering major, and I then joined the U.S. Navy to see the world.

I attended a special military school known as the Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Fl, involving a lot of math, chemistry, nuclear physics, and metallurgy. Graduating, I became a third class nuclear machinist mate, E-4.

My travels overseas gave me new insight into how people really are outside the U.S. news media. I was in Spain, Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, The United Arab Emirates, and Puerto Rico.

I returned to K.U. for 2 years in journalism. I began my work in radio on KJHK 90.7.

I wrote a newsletter for non-traditional students and was elected a student senator.

In 1999 I left K.U. and started work at the Lawrence Energy Center power plant. I have been employed with Westar Energy for 7 years. I am also a volunteer for the Confined Space / High Angle rescue team, where members learn to rescue people from hazardous places. I am a member of the IBEW union local 304 and a life time member of VFW post 852.

I am a member of the Lawrence farmers' market. Our family has a small fruit farm and U-Pick operation south of Ottawa. Please visit us sometime at:

I do a talk show called “Lives in the Balance” on KCXL 1140 AM with news and interviews. We discuss issues that concern us all: energy, illegal immigration, eminent domain abuses, out of control government growth, and farming.

Real Issues – Real Solutions

Education: I believe that parents ultimately have the GOD given right to raise their children the way that they see fit rather than as the STATE sees fit. Parents should be able to use their tax contributions to educate their kids where and how they want. Period.

Government: According to sources at the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy, Kansas has a rapidly expanding government that I believe is growing far faster than is necessary, putting other needed services at risk such as our infrastructure.

Labor: Our nation is already seeing the profound effects of uncontrolled illegal immigration. This places downward pressure on wages and increases social costs. We need to protect our borders and prevent the illegal hiring practices that not only dehumanize those here illegally but also makes life miserable for those citizens struggling in an environment of falling wages.
Energy: Having experience in power generation I believe that we have the responsibility to seek out sources of energy that are better for the environment and beneficial for all of us. I support a mixed energy strategy that incorporates renewable forms with modern improvements like nuclear gas turbines and coal gasification, along with improvements in efficiency.

Trade: NAFTA is an absolute disaster: it has dislocated 1.5 million farmers from Mexico, who are now here. It has increased our trade deficits to obscene and unsustainable levels, and it has allowed corporations to become rich beyond their wildest dreams, while you and I barely scrape by on less and less. I would support the abolition of NAFTA and CAFTA and work on trying to re-establish home grown industries. I would like to see our state contract with those small struggling Kansas and US manufacturers for goods instead of the State owned prison systems that make our goods in places like China. Also we should help reduce the immigration problem by encouraging the development of Mexico's energy infrastructure. It would be the start of a real economy and also give us an alternative source for oil and gas. This can be done for a relatively modest sum, at least compared to the hundreds of billions that we have spent in the middle east.

Medical care: I believe in the creation of an advisory panel of medical professionals that desire to offer their patients alternative treatment methods that they agree with because of their past experience. Why should the FDA dictate a person's health choices, especially when there is such a cozy relationship between the FDA and big Pharma? It's simply not right.
Thank you for taking the time to read this flyer and become familiar with my campaign issues.

Please vote on paper ballots for me, Jason Littlejohn, and I will vote for you in Topeka.

Kansas Reform Needs Your Vote!

Solving Real Problems in KS

As a Kansan and an American I have noticed many developments that are occurring all around us that are troubling both in Kansas and nationally. For many years it has been my goal in life to expose problems and offer solutions. As State Representative, I will offer my constituents in district 45 and in Kansas some hope for OUR future. I want to change things for the better, but I need your help to do it.

Leadership – Not Politics

Kansas is suffering at the hands of politicians and lobbyists that are serving themselves. The issues I am addressing and the solutions I am proposing are considered “political suicide” by career politicians, and that is why things in this state have gotten so bad. It is long past time for the politics of personal gain to be thrown out by Kansas voters. Voters are now seeing that it is time for pro-Kansas leadership in Topeka. Jason Littlejohn is your advocate to stand up to both the corporate lobbyists and the federal encroachments that entice our representatives to negotiate away our personal freedoms.

How You Can Help

For those of you interested in helping to spread my vision for Kansas, here are a few ways to help:

  1. Register and Vote! This year you CAN make a difference.
  2. Send e-mails to everyone you know and tell them about this website. Encourage them to vote as well. In order for this campaign to be successful, it will require the efforts of thousands of Kansans working together to spread the word.
  3. Walk your neighborhood and tell them about this campaign and the issues that I am trying to address.
  4. Call your local newspapers, TV stations, and radios stations and encourage them to cover this campaign.
  5. Consider becoming a key leader in this campaign. We need people to help with public relations, fund raising, and organizing meetings. If you are interested in becoming active in this campaign, contact me.
  6. If you would like me to speak to your community group, church, civic organization, etc. then feel free to contact me:


For those who want to make monetary contributions, make your checks payable to "Jason Littlejohn for State Representative" and mail them to the address below:

511 Wisconsin St.
Lawrence, KS 66044

Anyone contributing more that $150 dollars must write their occupation on their check for reporting purposes. There is a limit of $500 per person to the campaign.
I will not accept contributions from lobbyists.

Thank you,

J. Littlejohn

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