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Many voters are not happy with the erosion of our Constitutionally protected rights. The political power in Kansas and in Washington, D.C., has been shared almost exclusively by Republicans and Democrats, many of whom receive substantial contributions from the lobbyists of major corporations while ignoring the urgent needs of their constituents.

A notable example is the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has exported countless American jobs while at the same time impoverishing millions of Mexican farmers who have been coming into America ever since to find work.

The latest stage in this economic suicide is the formation of the North American Union under the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership of Bush, Fox, and Harper, already well underway, and yet nearly all the members of Congress still deny it exists.

Don't waste your vote on career politicians that benefit personally from serving international corporations. Vote Reform! Vote for Joseph Martin for Secretary of State and for our other Reform Party of Kansas candidates on the ballot.

Paid for by Joseph Martin for Secretary of State, Joseph Martin treasurer.

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