Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - We Voters Must Demand a Verifiable Voting System

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This is Joseph Martin, Reform Party of Kansas candidate for Secretary of State.

My main goals as Kansas Secretary of State will be:

  • to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and honesty of elections in Kansas;
  • to make sure that only legal residents of Kansas register to vote in Kansas elections; and
  • to reduce the operational costs of the Secretary of State's office so that the fees paid by Kansas businesses can be reduced as much as possible.

Coordinated vote fraud is a great danger to our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. As a responsible electorate, fully aware of human nature and weakness (and avarice), we know that election officials might be tempted to skew the counting of our votes: well placed bribes and threats can be very hard to resist.

We must demand an election process that makes large-scale vote fraud by officials difficult to commit and easy to detect by voters, thus safeguarding the democratic process of electing our public representatives as well as protecting the election officials from coercion.

This advertisement paid for by Joseph Martin for Secretary of State, Joseph Martin treasurer.

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