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I am Roger Tucker, Reform Party candidate for United States Congress, Kansas 2nd Congressional District.

I am a strong advocate for states rights and limited federal government. I support legislation that will prevent federal judges from interferring with state laws dealing in areas that are not powers specifically given to the federal government by our United States Constitution and should be left up to the states as stated by the Constitution's Tenth Amendment.

As such, I support (H.R. 5739) the We the People Act. This legislation has been recently introduced in Congress by Representative Ron Paul with at least 5 cosponsors. The stated purpose of this legislation is to "limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, in certain cases."

Congressmen Ron Paul says, "Congress has the authority under Articles I, III and IV of the Constitution of the Untied States to set limits on the Supreme Court and lower federal courts in order to correct abuses of judicial power and continuing violations of the Constitution by federal courts."

This We the People Act, (H.R. 5739), says the "The Supreme Court of the United States and each Federal court" may not judge on:

  1. any claim involving the laws, regulations, or policies of any State or unit of local government relating to the free exercise or establishment of religion;
  2. any claim based upon the right of privacy, including any such claim related to any issue of sexual practices, orientation, or reproduction; or
  3. any claim based upon equal protection of the laws to the extent such claim is based upon the right to marry without regard to sex or sexual orientation;

The passage of this legislation would revert all abortion issues back to the laws of the individual states. In my opinion, this is as our Constitution meant it to be.

For the state of Kansas, I support the right to life and unless the life of the mother is at risk, I prefer adoption over abortion.

Paid for by the Roger Tucker for Congress Committee and I stand by my statements.

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