Vote Reform into The U.S. Congress!

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Vote Reform into The U.S. Congress!

1. Bring American Manufacturing Back Home!
2. Send the Corporate Lobbyists Back Home!
3. Send the Illegal Immigrants Back Home!
4. Bring our Faithful Soldiers Back Home!
5. Secure the Borders!
6. Stop the Anti-American "Free Trade Agreements"!
7. Protect the Personal Freedoms of Americans (rather than trespassing Mexicans)!
8. Tackle the National Debt!

1. Bring American Manufacturing Back Home
a. Impose fees/tariffs on goods manufactured in other countries by both American and foreign companies selling to American markets. These tariffs will be used to foster growth in American industry.
b. If American businesses meet the following conditions:
- If their factories are in America,
- If they only hire Americans and fully legal immigrants,
- If they buy materials from American companies whenever possible,
- If they refrain from lobbying Congress,
- Then, such American businesses would pay no corporate/business income taxes.
c. Allow American families to deduct the same expenses on their taxes as businesses.
d. Let American consumers amortize purchases of American-made durable goods.

2. Send the Corporate Lobbyists Back Home
a. Corporate lobbyists represent corporations, not voters, and yet they have vast resources dedicated to persuading elected officials, far greater resources than American voters, who have to work full-time for a living.
b. Some corporate lobbyists even write the legislation that they desire, putting further shame to the law-makers that often vote on laws that they have not completely read or understood (if they have read them at all). We can be sure the corporate lobbyists understand the benefits they are seeking.
c. Tell them to lobby the leadership of the American corporations to move their factories back to America, possibly rewarding them for each factory that returns to America, hires Americans, and buys American.

3. Send the Illegal Immigrants Back Home
a. Illegal immigrants don't need to vote: they already receive preferential treatment from our elected officials.
b. Our elected officials take us (their constituents) for granted. It is time to elect representatives that represent us rather than illegal immigrants and the corporations that want to hire them instead of us.

4. Bring our Faithful Soldiers Back Home
America's freedoms were won by the sweat, blood, perseverance, and devotion of our American soldiers. While they are sent abroad to fight other countries' battles, our freedoms and rights are sold to the highest bidder!

5. Secure the Borders!
a. Countless foreigners from Mexico and other countries are crossing our southern border in a steady stream. No other country tolerates this, nor should they. Mexico guards her southern border with soldiers. Mexico affords no rights to Americans and requires proof that they will not be a burden.
b. Take assertive action against the companies that hire illegal immigrants and encourage them to take our jobs.
c. Construct a security fences along the border with Mexico and other borders allowing illegal entry.
d. Stop Real ID, which doesn't solve any problem but intrudes further against the privacy of Americans.
e. Stop the requirements (made by executive order!) for multi-lingual posting of public notices. Promote American English and teach it to our legal immigrants.

6. Stop the Anti-American "Free Trade Agreements"!
NAFTA was offered as a solution to the illegal immigration problem (then "only" 2 million in number) by building up the industry in Mexico and opening markets for our companies' products.

Instead, subsidized American corn was dumped into Mexico, undercutting the small Mexican farmers, putting them out of business and causing 25% to cross the border into America to escape starvation!

At the same time, the Americans working at meat packing plants had their salaries cut in half, forcing them to find gainful employment elsewhere. Who took their places? Even before the American workers were gone, bus-loads of illegal Mexicans were arriving to do their work for half pay.

And now CAFTA has been approved (by one vote!) to inflict the same destructive "solution" upon the Central American countries.

The next step in this nightmare is to pass the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) and to dissolve the American borders with Mexico and Canada by 2010. At that point, America's future as a third-world country will be confirmed.

7. Protect Americans' Freedoms!
a. Review all the "Patriot" Acts and remove any attacks on American rights, especially those in the Bill of Rights.
b. Repeal the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance "Reform" that is actually a "muzzle" on our 1st Amendment Free Speech rights and favors incumbents.
c. Make Eminent Domain illegal for private development.
d. Remove the many obstacles to American business and land-use that are imposed by the EPA and the ESA.

8. Tackle the National Debt!
Our elected officials have committed our country to about $43 trillion while destroying the value-added industrial economy that made this country great and that allowed American families to start businesses and to prosper.

If you want Reform, Vote Reform!

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