Common Sense Solution of Illegal Immigration Problems

1. To determine their cause and then logically determine the best solution for them.

2. Illegal immigrants are causing great insecurity (including possible terrorist dangers), economic and other serious harm to USA citizens. By far the main cause of these serious problems to USA citizens is the very terrible income/general economic conditions for the large majority of the populations of Mexico and numerous other 3rd World/"Underdeveloped" countries.

Plenty of valid information/documentation is well and widely known that proves these very terrible income/economic conditions in those 3rd World countries. These conditions are the main (often only) cause of many of these countries' populations illegally immigrating to USA to get jobs, free health treatment/other welfare, etc. that are significantly better than the serious poverty/near starvation conditions for them in their countries. Also, most of these illegal immigrants/aliens want to send some of their USA income to their families in their own country to help offset the serious harm of their very low income and keep them from near or actual starvation.

3. To determine how to force Mexico, and the other 3rd World/"Underdeveloped" countries, to develop their economies and substantially improve the general living conditions of their citizens. There is much valid information that the main and/or very vital economic base of Mexico (and numerous of the other 3rd World/"Underdeveloped" countries) is their importations of raw and/or near-raw materials (most from USA) and manufacturing them, mostly by so-called multinational companies, into finished products and exporting them - nearly all to USA, and possibly some to other developed countries (e.g. Europe). Few of these manufactured products are sold in Mexico, or other similar "underdeveloped" countries, because their per capita income/buying power of the large majority of their populations is much too low.

To change this excessively low per capita income/buying power in Mexico, and the other similar countries, USA should soon legislate Absolute Advantage Trade Policy, in place of its Comparative Advantage "Free Trade" Policy. This means USA would import only products (complementary) that it cannot produce itself at reasonable prices - e.g. import tropical agricultural products, and export temperate agricultural products, in the most finished form technically feasible for international shipment.

This Absolute Advantage Trade Policy would eliminate the Comparative Advantage Trade Policy (supplementary products) USA market for Mexico's Maquiladora Zone exports, and other improper USA imports from other similar countries. This would force Mexico/other similar countries to clean up their tremendous corruption and properly develop their domestic economies/per capita incomes and domestic markets; or their main companies and the wealthiest part of their citizenry would go broke, or almost so. Most probably, these countries would not be able to arrange Comparative Advantage markets in Europe, Japan, or any other country with per capita buying power similar to that in the USA. USA per capita buying power is declining but - even with much of the USA population's growing job losses and problems of credit card debt, etc. - is still more than in any other country.

Unless the abysmal differences between USA and other foreign countries' economic, cultural, and actual governing systems are eliminated, the thought of Comparative Advantage Trade Policy (supplementary products) being free/fair to the large majority of legal citizens in the USA, and in other countries trading with the USA, is obviously utopian.

Among the other benefits, Absolute Advantage Trade Policy would return a net gain of many million USA jobs, with satisfactory wages/salary levels, foolishly exported in the past 40 to 45 years. It would rebuild the pay level of these exported USA jobs and income and taxes in the USA, with much lower federal and state income tax rates, while greatly reducing indirect costs of current welfare and other taxpayer costs caused by exported jobs and supplementary imports and illegal immigration. These developments would also provide ample USA and Federal and State tax revenues to finance current and future waste-free and fraud-ridden Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security, plus other prudent federal, state, and local programs and budgets.

4. The USA could, and should, help Mexico and most of these other very low per capita income, 3rd World, "less developed" countries develop their economies and per capita incomes, mainly with Public Law (P.L.) 480 Title 1 Local Currency (Food for Peace) programs, which, if executed properly according to this law's rules, would also directly benefit the USA. These P.L. 480 programs would provide large, long-term local currency loans to Mexico/other 3rd World Countries for infrastructure/other economic development, similar to the WPA and CCC jobs in the USA in the 1930's economic depression. This would greatly stimulate the willful, self-accomplished return of the many million illegal immigrants in the USA to reasonably good jobs in these infrastructure/other economic development jobs. This would give these illegal immigrants now in the USA a much better life that they have in the USA.


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