Join Me in Instructing Senators NOT To Give In To Executive Pressure But Rather To Vote NO on ObamaSCare S.1796

I faxed the following admonition against voting for ObamaCare/ObamaSCare/O-No-Care to multiple US Senators, since I heard about a Nebraska Senator getting threatened with the withdrawal of a military base from his state if he didn't support it.

It is outrageous that the Executive Branch and the Military are strong-arming our elected representatives, proving that they are serving the international corporations as congressional lobbyists, urging Congress members to violate their oaths of office and vote to enslave us all to monopolistic corporate fascism!

Please let me know if you want me to send similar faxes to the same or other senators on your behalf.

Body of Faxed Letter

The Imposition of any Mandatory National Health System upon all Americans and American Businesses would be Outside the Limited Powers of the Federal Government and therefore Un-Constitutional.

Even if Not Mandatory, the Collection of Taxes for such a System and the Allocation of Federal Funds and Resources to Implement such a System would be Outside the Limited Powers of the Federal Government and therefore Un-Constitutional.

Your Oath of Office to Uphold and Defend the Constitution
Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic
Enjoins You to Vote NO to Any Proposed National Health Care System.

Do Not Give In to Pressures, Foreign or Domestic, to Violate Your Oath of Office.

I will be working with Voters in my State to Instruct our State Legislators to Recall and/or Impeach Any Elected Federal Officials that have Supported and/or Voted for Un-Constitutional Bills, including Any National Health Care System, Such as the “Healthy Families Act” (aka the “Happy Insurance Companies Act”).

The Era of Elected Officials Betraying Their Constituents to Please Corporations and International Interests Must Come to an END.

Those Elected Officials that Have Worked Toward this Goal Will Be Remembered and Treated as HEROES.

Those Elected Officials that Have Continued to Betray Their Constituents, Their States, Their Country, and Their Consciences Will Be Remembered and Treated as TRAITORS.


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