Mar 23, 2015 7 pm Nominating Convention and Caucus and Executive Committee Meeting

2015-03-23 20:00
2015-03-23 21:00

Reform Party of Kansas Call to 2014 (2015) Reform Party of Kansas Mon Mar 23, 2015 7 pm Nominating Convention and Caucus and Executive Committee Meeting (as continued) - rev 1

This is a call to a Reform Party of Kansas
a) Executive Committee meeting
and severably,
b) the 2014 Reform Party of Kansas Nominating Convention and Caucus (continued to 2015)

each commencing at 7 pm Central time
Monday March 23, 2015

and as may be continued by recess or adjournment.

The call is by adjourned / recessed continuation of the 02/09/15 meeting(s) and

by severable call of the chair.

This will be by teleconference and / or in-person.

The Teleconference number is:

conference #: 712-432-8700
code : 9288170#

Help line for problems: 913-940-0641

The in-person address is:

2210 South 50th Street
Kansas City, KS 66106

The agenda is:

2014 Nominating Convention and Caucus
2014 Election Nominations and related business
2014 Party Offices and related Elections

Additional ByLaw modifications including from last approved 01/05/15 changes,
including any reconsideration and specific additional modifications
and amendments to that previously considered, and otherwise,
with associated Executive Committee recommendation(s) as available.
Certification / Approval of formatted version(s) of adopted ByLaws.
Kansas Secretary of State
RPKS Membership Application and Rules
Other Business


Joy Holt Chair and Secretary
Reform Party of Kansas


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