Local Reform Activism - Invite a Friend to Consider the Reform Party of Kansas

Please consider contacting at least one friend per week to invite him/her to join the Reform Party of Kansas and to visit this site: http://www.votekansas.org/.

We have some flyers that might be helpful. If you think a handout of a certain type should be made up to assist in this effort, whether on current issues, Reform candidates, past races, etc., then please let us know, so we can work on them. We do have a summary flyer on issues.

If you think some audio presentations would help, on certain topics, by certain people, then please suggest them, or even make them. I can post MP3s on this site, and we already have some radio ads on here.

I also have many videos that can be downloaded from Google Video or delivered on CD that are informative on events that have been happening over last century. I also have informative radio shows that can help.