www.AmericanPatriotProject.com web site Announcement

Now posted on the MOTTO page link of the American Patriot Project web site at www.AmericanPatriotProject.com/MOTTO you can hear an automatic audio play of a very interesting Alex Jones interview. I promise, you will want to hear the entire 50 minute clip. This is information that the American people just "must" become aware of.

Individually, by application of our National Motto, I believe we can overcome the weapons described on this audio designed for mass control. For the sake of our society, our families and everyone's future, we need to expose the threat of such weapons and the means by which we are now under attack. The information touched on in this audio also describes the possibilities of a bright future.

Also, I will post event information here on this votekansas.org site inviting everyone to listen in on this coming Saturday's (May 19, 2007) teleconference of the Independent American Party and associated Committee of Correspondence.