Can We Avert An Economic Collapse ("The Recession")?

I have created a forum topic (see on the left and down the page) concerning the Fair Tax ( ). Is the Fair Tax something that can make right with our economy? Where do we go from here? What can possibly be done to give us a better future? After studying, I would like to see response to the forum topic.

Chuck Baldwin for President in 2008

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Chuck Baldwin Stands for Constitutionally Limited Government, which would dramatically lower our taxes.

American Independence
Military Adventures & Empire Building
Health Care
Border Security & Illegal Immigration
Sanctity of Life
The 2nd Amendment
United Nations
Veterans & Military
A Strong National Defense
Restoring Liberty
Eminent Domain Abuse
There is Still Hope for America

Reform 2008 - Roger Tucker for U.S. Congress, 3rd Congressional District Kansas

Today, June 14, 2008, I received a phone call from a federal employee who works on "Air Force One". I was told that some of those who work on "Air Force One" are losing their jobs because of their outspoken opinions of distress concerning the State Of The Union is not what it ought to be.

Roger Tucker's Campaign Begins as at

2008 State Convention / Nominating Caucus - Announcement and Invitation

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Please join us for the 2008 State Convention and Candidate Nominating Caucus of the Reform Party of Kansas!

Where: Puffy's Steak and Ice House
215 Main St.
Maple Hill, KS  66507-9400
Maps: Google Maps - Mapquest
When: Saturday, May 31st, 2008
10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Hour Lunch Break around Noon

Many Facets of A Preemptive Wars Policy

The only way to continue the U.S. war effort and fix the following problems is by the national draft policy. Our Government has not started the draft, choosing instead to continue using recruitment techniques for a voluntary military in order to maintain its present level of public support for the policy of preemptive wars. The draft would create much greater resistance to the war by bringing the war home to more people who want to stay out of it.

Stand Up America - Join The Campaign

The following link is to an article from the Washington Post on Ron Paul. wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/05/AR2008050502314_pf.html
One paragraph from that article tells us about the values of Ron Paul.
"If it was just for the presidency, it would have ended a long time ago," says supporter Tom Martin, 50, a database administrator from State College, Pa. "The idea was to reinvigorate the Republican Party back to its principles and, more than that, to reinvigorate the American people back to its principles."

If we learn anything it is this, only when enough of us become candidates to campaign, not for the office we seek, but for the message, will America survive.

Continuing The Campaign For Liberty

As a means to help more Americans understand the need for the message Ron Paul has been delivering, read the letter at All Americans who are for the preservation of our American way of life and the continued celebration of our independence and Constitution need to consider our present loss and direction. We all need to understand that the liberties we are losing are not due to the actions of any foreign enemy. We need to stand up and support the message that Ron Paul has been delivering as the standard of values that America needs to be united in, the standard by which to judge all other candidates.

Meeting - 2008 State Convention / Nominating Caucus of the Reform Party of Kansas

2008-05-31 10:00
2008-05-31 16:30

Please join us for the 2008 State Convention and Nominating Caucus of the Reform Party of Kansas in Maple Hill, KS at Puffy's Steak and Ice House.

  • Where:
    Puffy's Steak and Ice House
    215 Main St.
    Maple Hill, KS 66507-9400

  • When:
    Saturday, May 31rd, 2008
    10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    Hour Lunch Break around Noon

  • RSVP:

Maps, Agenda, and More Info

National Grassroots Demonstration (NGD) - Home/DC Offices of Congress/Senate - May 1, 2008 or May 2, 2008

2008-05-01 11:00
2008-05-02 14:00

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  • To solve serious USA problems of jobs exported/out-sourced, illegal immigration/drugs, terrorism, trade/budget deficits, credit card debt problems, etc.
  • To greatly reduce and stabilize gasoline prices (e.g. regular 87 octane close to $1.25 to $1.30 per gallon), utility bills, transportation/other energy costs.
  • To improve USA sovereignty and solve other related non-peaceful national and world problems.

WHEN: May 1st or 2nd - Between 11:00 am - 2:00 pm.

URGENT ISSUES: Emphasize the Following Urgent Issues; demand a prompt, written response and the following legislative actions:

  1. By 5/15/2008, pass legislation to eliminate the REAL ID Act of 2005, helping solve illegal immigration and keep Mexico's Trucking Companies from having any of their trucks coming beyond the current 2-25 mile limit into the U.S.A. where they exchange freight with U.S.A. trucks. President Bush should enact this legislation by 5/19/2008. By 5/28/2008, the U.S.A. Congress and President Bush should enact the Absolute Advantage Foreign Trade Policy (at least for Mexico) explained below in Urgent Issues 2 and 3.

Stand Up America

Ron Paul succeeded in uniting thousands of Americans with his message of having respect for liberty through having respect to the laws of the Constitution. We ought not let his message or his accomplishment of uniting so many people become diminished.

We need to pick up and amplify Ron Paul's message and use it as a standard for judging or endorsing all other candidates.