Reform 2008 - Roger Tucker for U.S. Congress, 3rd Congressional District Kansas

The Kansas Reform Party enters its candidates into the 2008 campaign for the good that needs to be accomplished for our great American people.

Today, June 14, 2008, I received a phone call from a federal employee who works on "Air Force One". I was told that some of those who work on "Air Force One" are losing their jobs because of their outspoken opinions of distress concerning the State Of The Union is not what it ought to be, specifically concerning McCain. This person was also concerned enough to be worried about the same fate of having personal job loss.

I happen to be on the Executive Committee of the Independent American Party. This person contacted me from information on that web site. The great concern was the need to find a Presidential candidate worth voting for that had a chance of being elected.

The way it stands now, there are many Republicans, such as those employees of "Air Force One", who do not like the idea of voting for McCain. Of course, many Republicans will probably vote for him seeing as he now has no one to stand in the way of his party's nomination, especially so since Ron Paul announced his campaign stop. The rest of the people's vote will largely be split between Constitution Party, Libertarian Party and Democrats.

I agreed with the caller that the outcome does not look good. The calling party suggested a civil war in the works due to the depressing prospects for our future because, of no well known popular Presidential candidate to vote for. I expressed my hope for Committee of Correspondence influence on our Congress for our future as explained on my campaign web site.

God bless America and good campaigning wishes to each of us.

Roger Tucker
Candidate for US Congress, Kansas 3rd District