Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - Stop NAFTA and CAFTA

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Why did 54 senators and 217 congressmen consider the profits of a few to be worth more than the sovereignty of their country? And judging from the results of a similary trade agreement, called NAFTA, passed ten years earlier, worth more than the rights of millions of people south of our border and in countries as far away as China, whose only hope is to either work as slave labor in free-trade production facilities that deny their right to bargain for a higher standard of living as the law of our Constitution gives us, or to travel North across the border as illegal immigrants for the hope of a brighter future.

Why should we be losing family farms and good-paying factory jobs to competition from those who exploit foreign populations denied rights that Americans have fought for?

Radio Ad - Joseph Martin for Kansas Secretary of State - Our Republic Needs Countable Ballots

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Our constitutional republic prevents tyranny by a separation of powers: legislative, executive, and judicial, all of which are subject ultimately to the vote of the citizens.

But if the officials counting the votes can falsify the results in an undetectable way, then our freedoms are in jeopardy. We must have countable, verifiable ballots, and the current electronic voting machines do not allow votes to be independently verified.

We cannot trust our democratic republic to invisible ballots.

Flyers - Reform Party of Kansas Candidates - Print Them and Distribute!

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Here you'll find links to Reform Party of Kansas Candidate Flyers.

Please print out these flyers and pass them out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Leave several at doctors' offices, lobbies, post-offices, truck-stops, barber-shops, gas-stations. Include them in correspondence to Kansans.

Joseph Martin - Candidate for KS Secretary of State

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Joseph Martin is running for Kansas Secretary of State. Honesty in elections is essential to preserve our democratic republic. The separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution is not merely the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial; the largest and most important group is the voters, and their power to cast votes that are honestly and accurately counted is seriously compromised if the tallying of their votes cannot be verified beyond a doubt.

Contact or send contributions to:
Joseph Martin for Secretary of State
1106 N 7th St.
St. Marys, KS, 66536
For donations over $10.00, please include name, address, and (over $50) occupation, for reporting requirements.

Flyers for Joseph Martin

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