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Bob Dacy - Chairman of 9/11 Whitewash Commission sets stage for Al Qaeda Nuke Attack

"Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, gave a lecture at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas last Friday, March 31st. I was there covering the event for my local TV talk show, "The Simple Truth". A synopsis of my observations follows.

The question and answer session after the speech was anything but spontaneous. The students had been pre-selected and were prepped in a conference room before the presentation. I saw them coming out of the room, and asked one of them if they were going to be the students asking the questions. She said "yes". The Q & A was a fake." - Bob Dacy

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See how two brave men are being persecuted for their search for the truth as to why, now fully a year after Katrina "hit" New Orleans, many are still in same terrible living conditions and how the people who completely failed at their task of planning for such disasters are treated as favored children.

Bob Dacy - It’s the Law! Feds Pave the Way to Toll and Privatize the Interstate Highways

"On July 29, 2005, President Bush signed a bill which permits and promotes the charging of tolls on existing and planned interstate highways, bridges, and tunnels. Before the passage of the bill, known as SAFETEA-LU, or “Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users”, it was generally illegal to charge tolls on roads built with Federal funds. What’s more, the tolls collected will be automatic, requiring universally compatible toll transponder tags on every vehicle.

SAFETEA-LU makes possible a variety of programs, all aimed at forcing Americans to pay to travel." - Bob Dacy

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Bill Moyers - "Democracy can’t exist without an Informed Public"

"[I]n the zesty progressivism of early New Deal days, the Federal Communications Act of 1934 was passed (more on this later.) The aim of that cornerstone of broadcast policy, mentioned over 100 times in its pages, was to promote the “public interest, convenience and necessity.” The clear intent was to prevent a monopoly of commercial values from overwhelming democratic values – to assure that the official view of reality – corporate or government – was not the only view of reality that reached the people. Regulators and regulated, media and government were to keep a wary eye on each other, preserving those checks and balances that is the bulwark of our Constitutional order.

What would happen, however, if the contending giants of big government and big publishing and broadcasting ever joined hands? Ever saw eye to eye in putting the public’s need for news second to free-market economics? That’s exactly what’s happening now under the ideological banner of “deregulation.” Giant megamedia conglomerates that our founders could not possibly have envisioned are finding common cause with an imperial state in a betrothal certain to produce not the sons and daughters of liberty ..." - Bill Moyers

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Postings to VoteKansas.org Should Work Better

Postings on this site should work better, but let me know if you have any trouble adding material or get a blank page.

There was a problem because of a software upgrade, and I would like to know if you find any further problems.

Johnson County Sun - Energy summit draws crowd to hear experts

Excerpt from Johnson County Sun Article

Energy summit draws crowd to hear experts

A forum on the energy crisis facing many Americans every time they fill their gas tanks drew more than 50 residents from across Johnson County to the University of Kansas Edwards Campus, Overland Park, Tuesday.

Energy industry and government leaders expressed ideas and heard from people at U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore's forum, "Third District Energy Summit: A Call for Energy Independence."


Jason Littlejohn, Lawrence, said America has ignored oil resources, including at Alaska's North Slope and Gull Island. The comments are supported in a book by Lindsey Williams, who suggests the government is engaged in an "energy conspiracy."

Abner Deatherage, Prairie Village, who worked with the oil industry for 50 years prior to retirement, said untapped Alaskan oil deposits are real.

"I've got documentation," Deatherage said.

Moore said, "I'd like to see it."

Deatherage said he favors conservation and alternative fuel sources, but for them to have an effect could take 20 years versus the faster path offered by developing known U.S. oil supplies. He said those supplies could end dependence on the Middle East and cut price at the pumps by half.

"The oil is there," Littlejohn said.

Candidate Forum: Bandstand 2006 - Aug. 20 - South Park in Lawrence, KS

Bandstand 2006 is being held on Sunday, August 20, 2006, at South Park in Lawrence, KS. It is a prelude to the start of school in the Lawrence area.

Some Platform Points to Work On

Here are some comments on some of our platform points to look at. If anyone wants to propose changes, they can be considered and voted upon at a party meeting.

Open Message to the U.S. Congress - Just Say NO to Thieves and Their Bribes

Dear Congress,

Turn away from the thieves and their bribes to face your constituents, who elect you to represent them, who expect and demand that you obey the oath you swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Our enemies are bribing you to break your oaths, to violate the Constitution, and to act against us for their own benefit. Perhaps they have made no oath to defend our country and uphold our laws, but you have.

Your treasonous, anti-American actions to date have severely eroded the economy, sovereignty, morality, and industry of America. Your consistent failure to act in defense of our God-given rights has handed our lives, children, health, property, animals, and other resources over to private, self-serving corporations.

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