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Eminent Domain Robbery and Eviction - Halper Farm in Piscataway NJ

Another Eminent Domain Abuse is coming to eviction in Piscataway, NJ: the Halper Family Farm is being taken from the Halpers for nothing or possibly with a fine.

Some links about it:

An article:

A blog with some entries about Halper Farm:

Piscataway, NJ contact info:

Call the Mayor via the Clerk: 732-562-2310
E-Mail the mayor: Bill Wahler bwahler@piscatawaynj.org
They consider it a done deal: the forced eviction (with automatic "abandonment" of whatever possessions are not moved away) is this Monday, July 10th at 3:00 PM.
Ask the mayor "What are you doing to stop this robbery of the Halper Farm.

July 4th

On Independence Day, July 4th, we celebrate Independence from Tyranny and Dependence upon Our Creator!

It is due to God, our Creator, that we have inalienable, undeniable rights. These rights are not granted by government; rather, they are to be diligently protected from abridgement and usurpation by tyrants.

Ideas for this Web-Site

I am hoping to make progress on the ideas that prompted me to put together a content management system (CMS) in the first place.

The web-site link is:
http://www.votekansas.org/ .

  • Asynchronous Meeting Place
    This is a place for members to meet asynchronously (whenever each has a little time rather than finding a time when two or more can talk voice-to-voice or in person at the same time).

    Thus, people can discuss issues, write up ideas for articles, campaign literature, party growth, meetings, etc. without people needing to schedule simultaneous free-time.

  • Bulletin Board
    A place to put notifications of news items, news sources, up-coming events, etc.

Issue Idea - On Arrogant Officials Regarding Us as Their Ignorant Servants

Local policy makers, instead of performing public service, arrogate to themselves the role of omniscient landlord: they know so much more about homes, business, families, education, finance, etc., that they insist on being a party to most of your personal affairs, to the point of penalizing you for failing to approach them like docile children for their blessing on your ideas (and of course failing to offer your tribute to them in the form of fees and/or higher property taxes).

Issue Idea - On Career Politicians Serving Themselves

We pay (involuntarily through taxes) people to work on new ways to regulate our activity and are left with no money to support people who would help stay informed of these efforts and mobilize a large enough resistence to such new regulations.

Here and there, certain new proposals of regulations are shocking enough to cause a sufficient negative reaction to stop them for the moment. If that negative reaction can't be managed (by the media, normally) to prevent it from stopping the proposal, then it is simply tabled for later, when it can be tried again. Seldom is a second wave of negative reaction to a regulation large enough to stop it (or at to overcome attempts to manage the reaction).

Issue Idea - Kansas Leadership Should Focus on Kansans - Not Big Corporations

Why does Kansas court specific high-profile national corporations and yet at the same time tax and regulate the local families and businesses of Kansans into oblivion?

Short answer:
Kansas Government takes Kansans for granted.

College Course Seeks to Debunk Intelligent Design

A proposal made by an atheistic Professor and comments by many atheistic supporters.

Link to story.

Article Idea - Do People Have Rights or Privileges?

Here is a start of an article about Rights vs. Privileges.

Link to start of Article.

Start of a Movie Review: It's a Wonderful Life

I started a movie review a while back on It's a Wonderful Life, which contains a powerful message of heroic sacrifice of personal ambitions to serve others.

Link to start of article

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