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Senate Amnesty Betrayal: Last chance to convince Senate!

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The Senate is making their move on the Illegal Immigration Amnesty/Pardon Bill today (6/28/2007). They already got cloture with 66 votes! Two-thirds of the Senate are open traitors to the American people, and Sen. Brownback, Presidential Doubtful, was one of them.

* It gives illegal aliens fast track citizenship.
* It gives social security benefits on the first visit.
* Illegal aliens can stay here and get these perks.
* Each illegal alien can bring in 11 other family members.
* Aggravated Felons and Gang Members can become legalized by signing a piece of paper (they already routinely falsify documents; what is one more fraud?).
* In-state tuition rates at colleges are given to them.
* Back taxes not paid (for work done illegally) are forgiven for the aliens (not for Americans, not even Mexican Americans).
* It requires US Citizens to have a National ID Card to work!

The word is that George Bush wants to sign this Death to America on July 4th. They plan to push it through the House over the weekend. As a side note, if you haven't heard: George Bush has made himself dictator in any emergency he that he might declare.

Contact your Senators!

Press Release - Sen. Sessions Releases List of 20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill

Sen. Sessions Releases List of 20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill

20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill

  • Loophole 1 – Legal Status Before Enforcement
  • Loophole 2 – U.S. VISIT Exit Not In Trigger
  • Loophole 3 – Trigger Requires No More Agents, Beds, or Fencing Than Current Law
  • Loophole 4 -- Three Additional Years Worth of Illegal Aliens Granted Status, Treated Preferentially To Legal Filers
  • Loophole 5 – Completion of Background Checks Not Required For Probationary Legal Status
  • Loophole 6 – Some Child Molesters Are Still Eligible
  • Loophole 7 – Terrorism Connections Allowed, Good Moral Character Not Required
  • Loophole 8 – Gang Members Are Eligible
  • Loophole 9 – Absconders Are Eligible
  • Loophole 10 – Learning English Not Required For A Decade
  • Loophole 11 – Earned Income Tax Credit Will Cost Taxpayers Billions In Just 10 Years
  • Loophole 12 – Affidavits From Friends Accepted As Evidence
  • Loophole 13 – Taxpayer Funded Legal Counsel and Arbitration
  • Loophole 14 – In-State Tuition and Student Loans
  • Loophole 15 – Inadequacy of the Merit System
  • Loophole 16 – Visas For Individuals That Plan To Overstay
  • Loophole 17 – Chain Migration Tippled Before Being Eliminated
  • Loophole 18 – Back Taxes Not Required
  • Loophole 19 – Social Security Credits Allowed For Some Illegal Work Histories
  • Loophole 20 – Criminal Fines Not Proportional To Conduct

[Press Release of Senator Sessions]

Press Release - Reform Party USA Endorses Summer-Long Gas Boycott

The Reform of the United States of America, through its National Committee, sponsors and endorses a symbolic Summer National Gas Boycott, extending through Aug. 31, 2007 and asks all who are alarmed by the unprecedented gas prices and gas price increases which appear to have little relation to crude oil prices, to join the Reform Party of the United States of America ("RPUSA") and participate in this Summer expression of public outrage by boycotting all gasoline purchases from all major oil companies and purchasing only from independent or locally owned gas stations.

A public press release notice of the endorsement of this Summer 2007 gas boycott is authorized and directed by the RPUSA National Committee for immediate media distribution, e-mail reflector, and website publication by the RPUSA.

All other responsible RPUSA Committees are discharged of this matter.

Are We Betraying Our Own Freedoms by Serving Power-Hungry Masters?

For several generations up to the present day, selfish people have been openly planning and implementing a police state of total enslavement, in which they and their servants will have license to assault our freedoms, our property, our families, our health, and even our souls and minds.

These self-appointed slave-masters are power-hungry and ruthless, and they do not care how many have to suffer for the success of their goals of domination. They do not see the people of the world as free individuals whose rights and freedoms are to be carefully regarded. Rather, they see other people as potential slaves if they can be manipulated into bondage.

These ambitious masters are counting on all of us (their intended slaves) not to notice, not to understand, or not to care. They have developed a multitude of diversions in our lives to distract us from our duties to our families, our local communities, our cities, our state, and our nation.

Open Letter to Congress - Vote NO to HR 984 the Grassroots Muzzle


Democrats claim by that party designation to be for democracy, which demands grassroots participation on a large scale for that name to have any good meaning at all.

Republicans claim by that party designation to be for a republican form of government, which is to have fair and equitable laws that preserve the personal rights and freedoms of citizens, even the weakest.

Requiring small, private groups to meet lobbyist requirements of huge multi-national corporations, whose gross usurpations of power have been so successful precisely due to the lack of clear communication to the voters, is a major step toward cementing their unbridled dreams of complete fascist control over our lives.

Such a direct affront to the growing desire by voters to participate in the democratic processes of this (once) great republic will necessarily result in open non-compliance (civil disobedience) to an openly un-Constitutional and anti-Constitutional "statute."

Vote NO to HR 984 and its muzzle on grassroots activism or prove to your constituents that your oath to uphold the US Constitution was a lie.

[AFA Analysis of HR 984|CapWiz Contact Congress Form]

Prayers: Pray Daily for the Conversion of Our Closest Enemies

Please pray daily for this very urgent petition:

The conversion of:

  • George W. Bush
  • His Cabinet
  • The Members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • The International Bankers
  • The U.S. Military Leadership

to Christianity. Please, God, have mercy on them, please shower them with superabundant graces to abandon their individual and collective vices and turn to Thee, their Creator. Please also convert us from our own vices, which our enemies use to enslave us. Through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Lord and Redeemer, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Please pass this on to your friends and family.

Local Reform Activism - Invite a Friend to Consider the Reform Party of Kansas

Please consider contacting at least one friend per week to invite to join the Reform Party of Kansas and to visit this site: http://www.votekansas.org/.

We have some printable flyers and audio files that might be helpful. If you think a new handout or audio talk should be made up to assist in this effort, whether on current issues, Reform candidates, past races, etc., then please let us know, so we can work on them.

I also have many videos that can be downloaded from Google Video or delivered on CD that are informative on events that have been happening over last century. I also have informative radio shows that can help.

Vote Reform - On the Ballot for Another Two Years

At this point, it looks like the Secretary of State race got more than 1 percent of the vote. Hopefully this will remain true as the vote counts finalize.

Thank you for all your efforts. Every two years, the hurdle of maintaining ballot access becomes a primary concern as we continue to work on political reform in Kansas and the U.S.

I thank all the Reform candidates for their efforts and sacrifices. We couldn't do it without you.

Candidate Question - Joseph Martin - Are you Pro-Life?

Yes, I am Pro-life. All of our candidates are pro-life, some without exceptions, some with reservations like "life of the mother" and rape.

I am completely pro-life. Abortion should not be a legal medical procedure. If invasive surgery is required to save the mother, then that procedure should be to save her life and not to kill the child.

I am also completely against the use of embryonic stem-cell research. It is unethical, inhumane, and a contemptuous assault on human dignity. In addition, the research so far has been largely a complete failure: God and His Nature are trying to show mankind that this is unacceptable and useless.

I support reasonable research on adult stem-cells, which has been showing promise.

I am also against the forced harvesting and sale of organs from political dissidents against their will. This is a booming business in China, while our country's leaders do nothing about it, and our media are almost completely mute on this crime against humanity being done by our "Most Favored" trading partner.

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