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Richard Ranzau
Candidate for Governor
Reform Party of Kansas

Freedom For Kansas

Freedom From Big Government


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Richard Ranzau, Treasurer

Richard Ranzau is a physician assistant in an orthopedic surgery practice in Wichita. He has three bachelor degrees from Wichita State University, and his wife Rachelle graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in occupational therapy. They have been married for 10 years and have three young children.

Shortly after graduating from Valley Center High School, Richard joined the Army Reserves and began college at Wichita State. He received his B.A. in Secondary Education in 1988 but took a job at Boeing as a computer analyst. After six years at Boeing, he returned to Wichita State and entered the physician assistant program. Richard graduated from the Physician Assistant program in 1997 and has been employed as a PA ever since. He had also continued to take Spanish classes after his graduation from high school, and ultimately received a B.A. in Spanish in 1999.

Richard developed his leadership skills throughout his service in the Army Reserves. The first 15 years were spent as a military policeman and included a 6 month tour of duty during the Gulf War in 1990. After becoming a physician assistant in the civilian world, Richard received a direct commission from the Army and served the next 6 years as a PA in the Reserves. He spent 15 months on active duty during the Iraq War from January 2003 through April 2004. During his deployment to Iraq, he provided medical treatment to both coalition forces and prisoners of war at two different detention facilities. Richard received numerous awards and commendations throughout his career and retired after 21 years of service.

In his spare time Richard enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports, and fishing. He and his family attend Westlink Christian Church in Wichita.

Big (and Bad) Government
One of the most important assets I will take to Topeka is my basic approach to government. Abraham Lincoln said we have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people." Now, it may sound quaint, but I actually believe this is the type of government we should have.

So let me ask you, do we have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people"? Or do we have a government "of a select few, by the democrats and republicans, and for the lobbyists and special interest groups"?

I believe, as most Kansans do, that our government has become more about partisans politicians and which lobbyists can influence them the most. Fewer and fewer decisions are being made with the best interests of Kansans in mind. After all, who lobbies for the average hard-working citizens of Kansas?

As your governor, I will lobby for you and your rights without end. I am myself just an average citizen trying to get things done to help the people of Kansas. I will bring a philosophy and attitude that makes the rights and interests of individual Kansas citizens the first priority. This will be reflected in the way I make decisions and approach legislation. Here a few examples:

  1. I will veto any bill which raises taxes in any way.
  2. I will seek to REDUCE the tax burden on Kansans. Of special concern to me is the amount of income and property tax Kansans pay, and sales tax on food.
  3. I will protect your private property rights (and all other rights for that matter) and will insist that the legislature take action on an amendment to the Kansas constitution guaranteeing those rights.
  4. I will work for lobbying reform that requires lobbyists to address legislators in open committee meetings for all to hear. Not behind closed doors.
  5. I will ensure that public education is adequately funded, while resisting any efforts by the judiciary to "legislate" spending. We must maintain the separation of powers in our government.
  6. I will work to create a non-partisan atmosphere in Topeka that puts the people first.

One of the things I learned in the military, is that over time an organization takes on the attributes of its leader. If the leader is weak and indecisive, then the organization will be inefficient and slow to act. If, however, the organization is led with vision, initiative, and determination, it will thrive and accomplish great things. Keep that in mind when you make your decision on whom to vote for in November.

Issues that Affect Kansans
I believe that citizens all across this great state crave a government that will address their concerns and protect their rights. As your governor, I will bring the vision and leadership needed to tackle the tough issues that affect hardworking Kansans on a daily basis.

Some issues like illegal immigration and our dependence on foreign oil can not be totally solved by the governor of Kansas. I understand that. Yet, I believe that we can and should AT LEAST DO SOMETHING to address these issues here in Kansas! I will not stand idle and wait for the federal government to solve these issues. Who in their right mind believes that is the best approach to take? Apparently, our legislature and current governor do. That will change with me as your governor.

The Bottom Line
Kansans must understand that I am not seeking a political position. I am seeking to fill a leadership position. There is a big difference. If you want a politician to run your state, then do not vote for me. Instead, flip a coin and vote for the democratic or republican candidate. It doesn't matter which one. The result will be the same.

Vote Ranzau For Governor

How You Can Help
For those of you interested in helping to spread my vision for Kansas, here are a few ways to help:

  1. Register and Vote! This year you CAN make a difference.
  2. Send e-mails to everyone you know and tell them about this website. Encourage them to vote as well. In order for this campaign to be successful, it will require the efforts of thousands of Kansans working together to spread the word.
  3. Walk your neighborhood and tell them about this campaign and the issues that I am trying to address.
  4. Call your local newspapers, TV stations, and radios stations and encourage them to cover this campaign.
  5. Consider becoming a key leader in this campaign. We need people to help with public relations, fund raising, and organizing meetings. If you are interested in becoming active in this campaign, contact me.
  6. If you would like me to speak to your community group, church, civic organization, etc. then feel free to contact me:

For those who want to make monetary contributions, make your checks payable to "Richard Ranzau for Governor" and mail them to the address below:

5171 N. Harborside CT.
Wichita, KS 67204

Anyone contributing more that $150 dollars must write their occupation on their check for reporting purposes. There is a limit of $2000 per person to the campaign.

I will not accept contributions from lobbyists.

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