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Flyer - Joy Holt - Restore our Constitutional Republic - Reduce Federal Spending

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In 1963 the USA was #1 in education, health, industry, standard of living, the biggest creditor nation in the World, with a trade surplus of several billion dollars. Now we are #20-40 in education, #37 in health, #6 in industry, destruction of the Middle Class, the biggest debtor nation in the world, and billions in trade deficits.

Today the USA's National debt of $8.5 trillion with other obligations of over $50 trillion. We have an annual budget of $3.5 trillion, and then borrow hundreds of billions of dollars as annual budget deficit added to the National Debt. The USA has a Trade Deficit of $800 billion a year thanks to NAFTA, WTO, and all so-called “Free Trade” Agreements passed by the US Congress and President to export millions of good jobs that benefit only large campaign contributing Multi-national Corporations in search of “cheap labor” at any cost, destroying our tax-base.

When you find yourself in a deep hole the first thing you have to do is: “STOP DIGGING!”

Economists calculate we lose 20,000 jobs for every billion dollars in trade deficit: 20,000 X 800 = 16,000,000 jobs. Service jobs cutting each others' lawns and flipping burgers while Congress votes to increase salaries by thousands of dollars adds insult to injury.
A successful nation must have a sound dollar and economy, rule of law, and protection of personal and property rights. Success is based on a 3-legged stool - Agriculture, Mining, and Manufacturing. This assures the “value-added” jobs that made the U.S. the greatest economy the World has ever seen.

Moral - If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

Good salaries circulate through the economy of a town several times: stores, banks, etc.

Flyer - Judy Tucker - Hold Elected Officials Accountable to We the People

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Vote Judy Tucker for Kansas House Distr. #5.

My Top Three Policy Issues

  1. Hold Elected Officials Accountable to Kansas Voters and Stop Serving Corporations and Special Interests.
  2. Stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership in Kansas and its promises to legalize the millions of invading illegal aliens and to steal thousands of acres of private land with the abuse of Eminent Domain.
  3. Stop the enforcement of Codex Alimentarius, which will outlaw natural supplements and herbs and other maneuvers of corporations to block competition from Kansas businesses.

Vote for Judy Tucker

Having watched the actions of Government in my many years as a Mother and Grandparent of two beautiful Grandchildren, I am now running for KS State Representative to make our Elected Government Officials accountable to the People instead of serving the Corporations and Special Interest Groups.

Flyers - Reform Party of Kansas Candidates - Print Them and Distribute!

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Here you'll find links to Reform Party of Kansas Candidate Flyers.

Please print out these flyers and pass them out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Leave several at doctors' offices, lobbies, post-offices, truck-stops, barber-shops, gas-stations. Include them in correspondence to Kansans.

Flyer - Jason Littlejohn - Reform Issues

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So Whats so different about us REFORM people...

For far too long, those who have been fortunate enough to find themselves with the responsibility of being our representatives have often times grown accustomed to their appointments and often times have found that it is far better for themselves to keep a low profile and support positions that, unfortunately, ignore pressing issues of concern. As a Kansan and an American I have noticed many developments that are occuring all around us that are troubling both on a State wide and a National level. One of the true joy's in my life is my hobby as a journalist. For many years it has been my goal in life to expose problems and offer solutions. I believe that a wise thing to do is to interview people who have had success with various problems and then listen to those who have "been there and done that" .
I believe this process has been circumvented for a long time by a motivation to retain office at any cost. I want to break that mold.

Flyer - Richard Ranzau - Freedom From Big Government

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Richard Ranzau
Candidate for Governor
Reform Party of Kansas

Freedom For Kansas

Freedom From Big Government

One of the most important assets I will take to Topeka is my basic approach to government. Abraham Lincoln said we have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people." Now, it may sound quaint, but I actually believe this is the type of government we should have.

So let me ask you, do we have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people"? Or do we have a government "of a select few, by the democrats and republicans, and for the lobbyists and special interest groups"?

I believe, as most Kansans do, that our government has become more about partisans politicians and which lobbyists can influence them the most. Fewer and fewer decisions are being made with the best interests of Kansans in mind. After all, who lobbies for the average hard-working citizens of Kansas?

As your governor, I will lobby for you and your rights without end. I am myself just an average citizen trying to get things done to help the people of Kansas. I will bring a philosophy and attitude that makes the rights and interests of individual Kansas citizens the first priority. This will be reflected in the way I make decisions and approach legislation.

Flyer - Richard Ranzau - Freedom From Illegal Immigration

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Richard Ranzau
Candidate for Governor
Reform Party of Kansas

Freedom For Kansas

Freedom From Illegal Aliens

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the cost to the federal government for illegal immigration is $10 billion per year and will increase to $29 billion if amnesty is granted. The annual cost for Kansas taxpayers is currently estimated at $235 million per year, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform. That is nearly $1 billion paid directly by the Kansas taxpayers in the last four years!

Considering the high cost to the taxpayers of Kansas and the significant debate going on within our country concerning illegal immigration, you would think that the politicians in Topeka (led by the Governor) would be aggressively seeking to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into our state.

Amazingly, they have taken the opposite approach. The legislature, with the approval of the Governor, has decided to give more incentives for illegal immigrants to come to our state by giving them in-state tuition. That's right, come to our state illegally, and we will reward you by reducing the cost of your college tuition (not to mention the fact you are allowed to attend at all).

Now, does that really make any sense to you? Me neither.

Candidate Flyer - Joseph Martin for Kansas Secretary of State

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Vote for Joseph Martin

Our constitutional republic prevents tyrannical government by a separation of powers, with the executive and legislative branches accountable to the voting public; this safeguard is subverted if the vote cannot be verified to be accurate by the public.
Computerized voting machines pose many threats to our democratic election process, since malfunctions can lose votes, and vote counts cannot be independently verified.

The cost of doing business in Kansas continues to rise.

We need to make sure that only legal Kansas residents can register to vote in Kansas.

If you want reform, Vote Reform!

Vote Joseph Martin For Secretary of State
November 7th, 2006

Flyer - Roger Tucker - We The People of the Union

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Candidate Flyer: Roger Tucker for U.S. Congress

In consideration of our American values and the issues that are before us, we feel there is a great need to promote political REFORM and a political party that will work to unify the American people in patriotism for our laws of liberty that are written in our Constitution and to promote patriotism for standing in defense of our Constitution as being our supreme law in times of war as well as in peace. We pledge that we will not surrender our laws of liberty or our unalienable rights to any enemy.

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